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hobsonkd 127
YCS Webpage
Thu Jul 18, 2013 00:10

I deleted some of the pages that were automatically given on the site and added some of my own...Also if you are still looking for some parent sites, check out my page...I have just added some new ones. Feel free to use what you like :-)

  • Yadkin county webpages - Morgan Williams, Tue Jul 9 14:37
    I am using the Yadkin County teacher sites. If you are using this one...I was wondering, are you leaving the tabs to the side the way that they are? Or are you adding new tabs? Also for the... more
    • YCS Webpage - hobsonkd 127, Thu Jul 18 00:10
    • FCRR - Heather Fisher, Wed Jul 10 17:20
      FCRR is a great website with many wonderful resources. The problem is, and this really isn't even a problem, but there is just so much on there that at times it can be overwhelming and hard to... more
    • Re: Yadkin county webpages - Breanna Hooks, Tue Jul 9 14:48
      I'm not using my school website but I think the idea is to have a functional site that you would use in your classroom. I would leave whichever tabs you had on before that you use. If you don't have... more
      • good idea - Karie Steelman, Tue Jul 9 16:04
        I like your idea about linking Scholastic to your parent section. I was wondering what I could put there. Last year I had quite a few parents ask how they could find out the reading level of books... more
        • parents and reading levels - koppenhaverd, Tue Jul 9 17:30
          That's really sad that parents want to know reading levels. I suppose they could use the information well if they are thoughtful. But I have visions of AR and bad school practices (Put that book... more
          • Re: parents and reading levels - Breanna Hooks, Thu Jul 11 14:35
            I agree that parents with access to reading levels can turn into a bad thing. I stress mostly interest for students. I tell my parents that if their child is interested in the book and can read it... more
          • RE: parents and reading levels - lohrmk, Wed Jul 10 20:38
            We stopped doing AR at my school because of this same type of thing. Kids were looking for a dot and not a story to engage them. At first parents were upset about it but after we explained our... more
          • Re: parents and reading levels - Karie Steelman, Tue Jul 9 17:53
            I agree with your opinions of AR and reading levels. It is very ironic because some parents seem so concerned about their child's reading and they want to know every way possible to help them, but in ... more
            • Re: Parents and Reading levels - Natalie Kabel, Wed Jul 10 14:17
              Karie, I couldn't agree with you more! I think that more will happen at home if a parent actually sits down and reads with their child. If a parent doesn't sit down, then yes a child will get... more
      • Re: Yadkin county webpages - Morgan Williams, Tue Jul 9 16:04
        THanks :)
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