Re: Internet Workshops
Thu Jul 18, 2013 00:11

I'm going to be honest, I had never heard of an internet workshop (except I had seen it mentioned on the boards) before reading the article about it today. I thought it was such a great idea. I do a lot of research in my class because I integrate reading with other content areas. In fact, I teach fourth grade and one of the research projects we do is on pirates. Pirates are definitely a topic that you have to be very careful about when it comes to digital source research. It is easy to find something that is inappropriate for kids. So, you can not just let them go and have free reign of the internet or you will definitely run into trouble. That was one thing I liked so much about the internet workshop. I also loved how social bookmarking fit so nicely into. You as the teacher collect the sites and then the students can access them. I also really liked how it became a collaborative process with the addition of blogging. What a great way for students to talk about what they learned and add to and support others learning about the content. The pirate project that we do is definitely a work-in-progress. Every year my partner teacher and I tweak it slightly to make it even more effective and to incorporate even more technology. I know for sure that I will be using an Internet Workshop to help the students learn about pirates. My thinking is that we will use a similar format for students to research, not a specific pirate but pirates and pirate life in general, to build their background knowledge before we get into the biography portion of the research. Then they can blog about what they learned with each other. Then we will get into the portion where they will research an individual pirate and do multi-genre writing project (again, yay for Social Bookmarking that can be used for research). Ok, that was a little rambling but I'm quite excited about it!

  • Internet workshop - Ashley Dezern, Wed Jul 17 21:54
    I did an internet workshop with my students last year and they loved it. I modeled it for them first and we made a class book together and researched together. So, when I let them start on their own... more
    • Internet Workshops - Hannah Andrews, Thu Jul 18 07:09
      I couldn't agree with you more. We used Internet workshops for animal research projects. After I had modeled this for my class and we created a class book, they flew when it was their turn. They... more
    • Re: Internet workshop - Karie Steelman, Thu Jul 18 01:15
      I'm going to use them more this year too! My kids loved it because it made them feel like a grown up, searching for information on the internet! All of my kids were engaged too, from the very top to... more
    • Re: Internet Workshops - lohrmk, Thu Jul 18 00:11
    • IW - hobsonkd 127, Wed Jul 17 22:04
      I also did an internet workshop last year while completing our informational texts. With kinders I chose to complete our class book WHILE they were completing their individual books. For example,... more
      • good suggestion - rebecca bond, Wed Jul 17 23:36
        This is a direct and clear way to model doing their workshop. While you are modeling, you and the class are produce a whole book! Good way to handle it for K-2.
      • Re: IW - Ashley Dezern, Wed Jul 17 22:11
        Kassy I thought about doing it that way and I may try it like that this year. The way I did it was to do our class book together and model for them how to reseach and write the book together. Then... more
        • IW - hobsonkd 127, Wed Jul 17 22:17
          That is wonderful!!! It's amazing how independent they can be if we just LET them be and trust them! They are capable of so much more than we'd expect! I am so excited to teach informational writing... more
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