RE: Kindles
Thu Jul 18, 2013 00:44

That's funny because I have a kindle (and the app downloaded onto my iPhone and iPad and I enjoy the convenience of it) but I also really prefer actual physical books. I think that's neat that we are basically backing up the data from that article. We are adults and we prefer the actual book, regardless of anything else. I will say, and I don't think this came up in the article, but my eyes will physically hurt after reading on a Kindle, etc. but they don't do that when I read from a book. I think that is one thing I like better about books too!

  • Kindles - hobsonkd 127, Wed Jul 17 22:07
    I find it interesting that older adults read better on e-reader and tablets, too. I have read books on my iPad before, but nothing's better than a "good ole" book. personally, I'm much happier... more
    • Electronic Reading - Hannah Andrews, Thu Jul 18 07:14
      I love my kindle and I haven't bought an actual book in a long time. I love the availability when using my kindle. I can find a buy a book and have it right then and there is so much available. I do... more
    • RE: Kindles - lohrmk, Thu Jul 18 00:44
      • Kindles & Eyeballs, lol - hobsonkd 127, Thu Jul 18 00:49
        AHHH!!! Yes, after reading on my iPad for a while my eyes start hurting and eventually I get a headache...NO FUN! Looks like we are both "Team Real Books!!" :-)
        • E-readers for reluctant readers - Cindi, Sat Jul 20 12:09
          Okay Team-Real Books, I am going to pose a thought for you... Sometimes reluctant/resistant readers are hesitant to read because a whole 'real' book is over whelming. I mean, all those pages to read, ... more
        • Team Real Books - lohrmk, Thu Jul 18 09:11
          Haha! I like the catchy title you came up with! Yes, it doesn't matter if I turn the brightness level up or down I still can only read on it for a short period of time before the eye-pain and... more
          • Team Real Books - hobsonkd 127, Thu Jul 18 11:15
            I wonder, too, if this upcoming generation will be more adapted to digital books as opposed to "real" books. I wonder which they'll enjoy reading more. It is so amazing how everything is evolving... more
            • Re: Team Real Books - lohrmk, Thu Jul 18 13:42
              I internally groan when I think about the EOG's being on-line but then I realize that the MAT, which I had to take to get into grad school was an on-line assessment. I do wonder how that transition... more
              • EOGs - hobsonkd 127, Thu Jul 18 14:45
                True---Hmmm who knows how they'll dodge that bullet...
                • RE: EOGs - lohrmk, Thu Jul 18 15:59
                  There truly are some practicality issues that I'm not sure how they'll work it out. I'm sure they will come up with something though. But instead of testing being "two days"-ish. It is going to take... more
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