Re: Re: Online Reading
Thu Jul 18, 2013 09:36

I think it is a helpful strategy too. It reminds me of doing jigsaw groups. Where you have a "home team" of maybe four students (or however many depending on readings and class numbers) and then each member goes to a different "expert group". In the expert group the students work together to read about a topic. Then the students go back to their home team and they teach their other group members about what they learned. It is a really great strategy to help get a lot of information/content covered relatively easily and painlessly. I'm trying to think of ways to incorporate technology into a jigsaw format in the classroom. We skyped with each other, I wonder if the kids could blog or something like that?

  • Re: Online Reading - Morgan Williams, Wed Jul 17 17:21
    I have to say I really liked splitting up the reading with our tech groups then discussing it. Saved soooooooo much time, and instead of just reading I got to interact with my peers.
    • Re: Re: Online Reading - lohrmk, Thu Jul 18 09:36
    • Re: Online Reading - Karie Steelman, Thu Jul 18 01:10
      I liked it too! It was definitely easier and more fun. Looks like we'll be doing it again tomorrow! :)
      • Re: Online Reading - Morgan Williams, Thu Jul 18 14:56
        haha yay! I look forward to you talking to my awesome group!
    • Re: Morgan - Ashley Dezern, Wed Jul 17 18:33
      I loved that we got to split it up and instead of spending all that time reading those articles I got a further understanding of all articles and we got to discuss the articles together.
      • Re: Morgan - Karie Steelman, Thu Jul 18 01:11
        They always say you learn things better when you have to teach it to someone. I felt like I had a better understanding of my own article when I had to explain it back to you guys.
      • Re: Morgan - Morgan Williams, Wed Jul 17 20:35
        Yeah and a lot of good ideas.
        • Tech Group - Hannah Andrews, Thu Jul 18 07:16
          I enjoyed reading a sharing with you girls today. You all gave a lot of useful information!
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