RE: Flat Stanley
Thu Jul 18, 2013 13:26

I like the idea of creating an Animoto or some other digital presentation with the images or videos you get back from the project. Kids could even write a journal or diary of his travels based on what they get back. You could publish it using something like RealeWriter. The ideas really are limited to only what you can come up with.

  • flat stanley - Heather Fisher, Thu Jul 18 10:42
    In first grade we did a "kind of" Flat Stanley at Christmas time with gingerbread men. They decorated them and sent them all over the country. My uncle made a video in Atlanta for the kids to see, it ... more
    • Re: flat stanley - Morgan Williams, Thu Jul 18 15:00
      Heather- That is an awesome idea! I taught second grade before moving to first and I really miss Flat Stanley. I elected not to do it with my first graders, because I didn't want to take something... more
      • Re:Morgan - Heather Fisher, Fri Jul 19 13:07
        Also, you can compare all of the gingerbread stories including:characters, plot, setting, beg, mid, end, problem and solution. It really is just great all around!
        • Re:Morgan - Morgan Williams, Fri Jul 19 16:39
          Yeah we already do the ginger bread stories, so this would be great to add! Thank you so much!
    • RE: Flat Stanley - lohrmk, Thu Jul 18 13:26
      • Re:lohrmk - Heather Fisher, Fri Jul 19 13:08
        The possibilities really are endless and it's a fun thing to do right at Christmas time when they are all getting antsy!
      • Tweets from Stanley! - lohrmk, Thu Jul 18 16:02
        How fun would it be to set up a twitter account for Flat Stanley (or the gingerbread man) and then have people post tweets of the adventures and things that were seen? I thought of that earlier and I ... more
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