Morgan Williams
Re: flat stanley
Thu Jul 18, 2013 15:00

That is an awesome idea! I taught second grade before moving to first and I really miss Flat Stanley. I elected not to do it with my first graders, because I didn't want to take something away from second grade. Using Gingerbread people would put a different spin on it. Plus if you did the project around Christmas, you could easily incorporate Christmas around the world. Thanks for sharing that idea! Love it!

  • flat stanley - Heather Fisher, Thu Jul 18 10:42
    In first grade we did a "kind of" Flat Stanley at Christmas time with gingerbread men. They decorated them and sent them all over the country. My uncle made a video in Atlanta for the kids to see, it ... more
    • Re: flat stanley - Morgan Williams, Thu Jul 18 15:00
      • Re:Morgan - Heather Fisher, Fri Jul 19 13:07
        Also, you can compare all of the gingerbread stories including:characters, plot, setting, beg, mid, end, problem and solution. It really is just great all around!
        • Re:Morgan - Morgan Williams, Fri Jul 19 16:39
          Yeah we already do the ginger bread stories, so this would be great to add! Thank you so much!
    • RE: Flat Stanley - lohrmk, Thu Jul 18 13:26
      I like the idea of creating an Animoto or some other digital presentation with the images or videos you get back from the project. Kids could even write a journal or diary of his travels based on... more
      • Re:lohrmk - Heather Fisher, Fri Jul 19 13:08
        The possibilities really are endless and it's a fun thing to do right at Christmas time when they are all getting antsy!
      • Tweets from Stanley! - lohrmk, Thu Jul 18 16:02
        How fun would it be to set up a twitter account for Flat Stanley (or the gingerbread man) and then have people post tweets of the adventures and things that were seen? I thought of that earlier and I ... more
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