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Spelling City
Thu Jul 18, 2013 15:55

With spelling city you can add in your own spelling list each week and the kids can play games with the words, take test with the words, learn vocabulary with your word list, use the words in sentences, all kinds of task. You can even archive the lists so that they can go back and use the lists over and over instead of saying "okay, well its Friday you took the test now le's move on to a new list and you can forget that one."
My daughter loves it, she puts herself on spelling city all the time. As a parent if the teacher would have had it Autumn could have had access to the teacher page at home so that she was using the same thing in both places. But, since they did not accept my offer I just typed in her list every week and saved it for her and she used it. Teachers can get test scores archived on spelling city all kinds of neat things. It is really cool; you can take it for a test run for free.
Autumn loves to play hang mouse and word match (matches word to the meaning).

  • Re: Spelling City - Natalie Kabel, Tue Jul 16 15:23
    Cindi, I have never really done much with Spelling City. What is it like? Why do you like it so much? Can you provide me with some more information?
    • Spelling City - Cindi, Thu Jul 18 15:55
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