Tweets from Stanley!
Thu Jul 18, 2013 16:02

How fun would it be to set up a twitter account for Flat Stanley (or the gingerbread man) and then have people post tweets of the adventures and things that were seen? I thought of that earlier and I just thought that would be so neat! The kids could keep up with him in "real time"!

  • RE: Flat Stanley - lohrmk, Thu Jul 18 13:26
    I like the idea of creating an Animoto or some other digital presentation with the images or videos you get back from the project. Kids could even write a journal or diary of his travels based on... more
    • Re:lohrmk - Heather Fisher, Fri Jul 19 13:08
      The possibilities really are endless and it's a fun thing to do right at Christmas time when they are all getting antsy!
    • Tweets from Stanley! - lohrmk, Thu Jul 18 16:02
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