RE: Response to Online Reading
Thu Jul 18, 2013 18:24

I think you brought up some really great points in your post. I especially like what you pointed out about the major differences between print and online reading. I guess in some respects there are differences in the quality of writing of anything but most print texts that we have in our classrooms or that are found in magazines, etc. tend to be of a higher quality. After all, most major publishers don't publish just anyone. However, on-line there are so many ways to publish yourself! There are websites devoted to it (fan-fiction for example)not to mention the countless blogs, etc. I mean every last one of us just created our very own website and blog and there is no one to quality check what we put out there. That is both the beauty and the troublesome nature of the internet. When our students engage in on-line reading of articles, etc. we have to be sure that not only what they are accessing is accurate but also appropriate. I do agree that the majority of what is on the internet is non-fiction, however, the fiction that is available on the internet is growing. I guess the visual aspects you mentioned can be true of most non-fiction texts in general. I know that the vast majority of my non-fiction books in my classroom include stunning pictures and diagrams where the overwhelming majority of my fiction titles contain little to no images (I teach fourth grade and so I have many chapter books). That is why I liked the 'readability' site and app, because you can take the distractions away from on-line texts. However, I think there is something to be said for treating websites as a genre and to teach it as such. What a fun genre study that would be!?!

  • response to online reading - rebecca bond, Wed Jul 17 23:33
    Some of the major differences between print and online reading are the genres of writing, mostly narrative versus informational; reading print is completed in more of a whole or small group setting... more
    • RE: Response to Online Reading - lohrmk, Thu Jul 18 18:24
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