Masha Adin
Let's try again
Sat Jan 13, 2018 04:17

Masha looked at Jane blinking, everything Jane said during her mad dash of words coming back to her slowly. The stupid grin still lingering, even if it wasn’t quite the button she managed to make.

She felt thorn again. For one part Jane wanted to know more about her life, and that was good, but if they start talking about it now - they are in trouble. But there was always time after class. Living in one place whole life sounded interesting to her, Masha made a mental note to ask Jane about that. It must be different to live in one place whole life if it’s not a village in the middle of the jungle or a desert.

Suddenly, she realised - she was doing it again! Staring and not answering. And Jane bombarded her with a bunch of questions, but the most important thing, at least for this class, was that Jane didn’t think on other language like she did.

She frowned then smiled again. Maybe, just maybe Jane was making the same mistake as she did even if she thought in English.

“Ummm, we can talk about our families later, after class if you want to.” offered Masha hoping that she didn’t overstep some cultural boundary “But for now let’s stick to class, I don’t want to get in trouble with Professor. Russian, I was talking in Russian. We speak Russian at home and I’m used to think in Russian before I say something in another language. So I just said what is written here: button, lighter, four holes.” she stopped wondering if Jane will be insulted if she suggests...maybe if she make example of herself…”Ummm, you see I was focusing on the word and not what word means in English.”

Masha grabbed the quill and scribed “button”

“I was thinking about letters, how to say it and not… well, the button itself.” she grabbed the button on the hem of her sleeve and pulled it hard enough that she nearly ripped it off. Masha frowned at that briefly and continued “So when I was talking in Russian, sorry about that - it meant to be in my head not out loud, I was thinking about the button. And it sort of...worked.” she smiled uncertainty “Maybe you are doing the same thing, I mean focusing on the word not the meaning of the word, even if English is your language. We could try again, both of us and see… Oh! I almost forgot! The book says that the wand movement and incantation should be synchronised, so I took care to start the circle with the first letter and end it with the last. I don’t know if that did anything tho, I changed so many things at once. So, shall we try again and see what happens?”

OOC - Thank you. Could we try in the next go to "include" other students? Just to see how it goes? I know that for that we need at least one more person but I really need just an example. Thank you so much for your help :)

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