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Tabitha Hawthorne
Wed May 2, 2018 13:01

Tabitha exhaled slowly, wringing her hands together as time crawled onwards, counting down the minutes until the interview. She wasn't a nervous person by nature but she really, really wanted the job and more than that, she needed it too. After being unemployed for far too long, she was now down to her final coins and was on the verge of returning, shame faced, to England and to her forever disapproving parents.

The interview itself was rather unorthodox. The Deputy Headmistress, Selina Skies, had informed her that the school was currently under quarantine as a result of the illness going around the US. She'd been reading about it in the papers and counted herself lucky that she hadn't experienced it. The whole thing seemed like a rather nasty - not to mention dangerous - business.

At the time of the appointment, exactly on the dot, her fireplace came to life and the face of the Deputy Headmistress of Sonora Academy appeared before her. Tabitha found the whole scene rather odd - she was alone in a dingy, grubby hotel room (it was all she had been able to afford) and there was the disembodied head of her potential future employer in her fire.

Reassured by the smile Selina had given her after the introduction, her nerves slowly dissipated as she answered the first question.

"Well, I'm 28 years old, originally from England... As you can probably tell by the accent!" she laughed before swallowing. Okay, maybe her nerves hadn't quite left her yet. "I was educated at Hogwarts and received Outstandings and Exceeds Expectations on most of my exams."

She paused briefly, remembering her poor result on her History of Magic exam but dismissed it quickly.

"I feel that I'd be a good fit for Sonora because I have a lot of practical experience with Defense Against the Dark Arts, having traveled to gain those skills. I want to pass on my knowledge to the younger generations so that they are prepared for their future after school. I feel that it's important to have practical skills and to be prepared for any eventuality and I feel that I could teach them from my own experiences, rather than just the textbooks."

OOC - I hope this is a good start! Thank you for the advice :)

  • Interview (tag Tabitha Hawthorne) - DH Skies, Wed May 2 08:53
    After the year she’d been having, Selina felt like she deserved a little bit of good news. And one such piece came in the form of a job application for the post of Defence Against the Dark Arts... more
    • Interview - Tabitha Hawthorne, Wed May 2 13:01
      • Tell me more - DH Skies, Thu May 3 08:39
        Selina focussed her attention on the young witch as she spoke, politely deciding that she hadn’t noticed the nature of the room she was looking into. It was rather on the bare and cheap looking side, ... more
        • It got a bit fiery... - Tabitha Hawthorne, Thu May 3 10:06
          Tabitha shifted slightly, feeling much more at ease. It felt like this interview was going well, which was reassuring to her. She just hoped that the room she was sitting in wasn't too off-putting.... more
          • With the French wizard? - DH Skies, Thu May 3 10:38
            “Hopefully there aren’t too many of those around,” Selina nodded, when Tabitha explained she hadn’t met many dark wizards. Selina was well practised at keeping her face professional - a skill that... more
            • Ha. That was just bizarre... - Tabitha Hawthorne, Thu May 3 11:07
              Tabitha was silent for a few moments, mulling the question over in her head. For the first time in the interview, she allowed her eyes to fall to her hands, one of which was playing with the fingers... more
              • Moving on then - Selina Skies, Sat May 5 03:57
                She was definitely a sweet natured individual. It wasn’t a very balanced answer, focussing only on one half of the problem - half-veela in her class or not, she would still need to teach the material ... more
                • Uh... teaching experience - Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat May 5 14:15
                  Tabitha, for a moment paused, realising something quite terrible and felt rather daft for only looking at one half of the problem. She had focused solely on the affected individual and their... more
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