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Tabitha Hawthorne
Ha. That was just bizarre...
Thu May 3, 2018 11:07

Tabitha was silent for a few moments, mulling the question over in her head. For the first time in the interview, she allowed her eyes to fall to her hands, one of which was playing with the fingers of the other. It was certainly a difficult question and there was no experience she could draw on to help answer. What to say... what to say...

Another moment of silence and Tabitha lifted her eyes to meet the ones of the Deputy Headmistress.

"I think..." she began, still trying to arrange the words in her head. "I think, it's important to make them aware that whatever a book may say about werewolves or veelas or any dark creature, that it should not define them. That it is important to remember that it is their decisions that influence whether they are good or bad, not their heritage..."

She paused, thinking of a potential student and how they could feel. While she could never truly understand their circumstances, being only a half-blood witch, she could imagine that a student could very well feel lonely, scared, maybe even like a monster. "My door would always be open for any student who wanted to talk."

She nodded to herself, confident in her answer before finishing off, "Most importantly, I would never treat any student differently because of their heritage. They will be judged based on the good and bad that they do, not because of some characteristics written in a book."

  • With the French wizard? - DH Skies, Thu May 3 10:38
    “Hopefully there aren’t too many of those around,” Selina nodded, when Tabitha explained she hadn’t met many dark wizards. Selina was well practised at keeping her face professional - a skill that... more
    • Ha. That was just bizarre... - Tabitha Hawthorne, Thu May 3 11:07
      • Moving on then - Selina Skies, Sat May 5 03:57
        She was definitely a sweet natured individual. It wasn’t a very balanced answer, focussing only on one half of the problem - half-veela in her class or not, she would still need to teach the material ... more
        • Uh... teaching experience - Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat May 5 14:15
          Tabitha, for a moment paused, realising something quite terrible and felt rather daft for only looking at one half of the problem. She had focused solely on the affected individual and their... more
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