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Selina Skies
Moving on then
Sat May 5, 2018 03:57

She was definitely a sweet natured individual. It wasn’t a very balanced answer, focussing only on one half of the problem - half-veela in her class or not, she would still need to teach the material to the other students. But perhaps she was taking that for granted. Selina was sure that after talking it through with Daniel, Tabitha would have a solid idea of how to handle the situation. Daniel was very pragmatic in his approach to Cleo, although not to the extent that she found him unfeeling. At least… She could not imagine him wanting to have to deal with Cleo’s personal drama, but only in the way that most young male professors probably didn’t want to deal with the personal lives and emotional meltdowns of their students, especially the female ones - he didn’t want to deal with her in terms of her being a teenage girl, rather than because of her being a half-veela.

“Good to know,” she smiled. “Those subjects would still be on the curriculum though,” she prompted lightly, in case Tabitha wanted to say any more about that. If she couldn’t come up with anything more than a ‘yes’ to that, Selina wouldn’t regard it as an issue. She wasn’t a flaming racist, and that was the main thing.

“Have you got any previous teaching experience? Or other experiences that you feel would be relevant to working in a school?” she asked, opening it out again to a more broad topic. Not everyone came in with a lot in that department, but it was definitely an advantage. Teaching something was a different skill than just knowing about it.

  • Ha. That was just bizarre... - Tabitha Hawthorne, Thu May 3 11:07
    Tabitha was silent for a few moments, mulling the question over in her head. For the first time in the interview, she allowed her eyes to fall to her hands, one of which was playing with the fingers... more
    • Moving on then - Selina Skies, Sat May 5 03:57
      • Uh... teaching experience - Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat May 5 14:15
        Tabitha, for a moment paused, realising something quite terrible and felt rather daft for only looking at one half of the problem. She had focused solely on the affected individual and their... more
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