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Katerina Vorontsov
Ugh, Latin alphabet.
Wed Jul 18, 2018 14:03

Katya sat quietly, her hands in her lap, back straight, just as Mama had always taught her, but her dark blue-grey eyes were huge in her small face as she tried to study the woman at the front of the room. Professor Skies, her sister Tatiana had told her, was like the matushka here - but they all were going to see her every day, and Tatya and Katya had to see her even more than the others for the English lessons. Katya’s exposure to the most important witch in her village in Alaska was largely limited to bowing and receiving a gift of candied fruits and nuts once a year. Now she would have to see the most important witch at Sonora every day.

Right now, at least, it wasn’t Katya specifically she was addressing. On the other hand, though, she had noticed that people spoke English more slowly to her than to groups of English-speakers. She had to listen carefully.

This was a challenge, but Katya had been preparing for it for almost five years. She did not become truly intimidated until the chart landed.

She knew what it was because Tatiana had told her. Tatiana, though, didn’t seem to think as much about Professor Skies’ position. This had to be perfect.

She began writing carefully, trying to remember everything Anton Petrovich, her tutor at home, had ever taught her about the correct movements to make to write English letters while also running through her mental lexicon of English words, selecting from them, and remembering to write them. In all this concentration she neglected her elbows, and one nudged her neighbor.

“I sorry - am,” said Katya. “That - is not what I want to do.”

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    • Ugh, Latin alphabet. - Katerina Vorontsov , Wed Jul 18 14:03
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