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Evelyn Stones
At least I'm not alone
Wed Jul 18, 2018 15:15

Evelyn didn't quite smile, she was too nervous for that, but somehow the girl's clumsy bump put her at ease a little bit and she felt herself relax. She couldn't help noticing that the girl hadn't filled in much of her chart yet, either, and her face had the familiar look of severe concentration.

"I don't mind," Evelyn replied, noting the girl's accent and speaking clearly. "I mean that, it's okay."

She sat quietly for a moment, not sure if she should keep talking or not. Professor Skies hadn't said they could work together, but she hadn't said they couldn't and if the whole point of this stupid thing was to learn something, then she'd probably learn more working with someone else.

She took a steadying breath and turned to the girl again. "I'm Evelyn," she said. "And I'm really super confused and a little nervous. Do you want to work together on this thing?" She held up her chart and waited with bated breath for an answer.

OOC- I totally don't think this is stupid at all! I'm trying to write in character and it makes me feel bad when my character is being a grump so I just wanted to throw it out there that y'all are doing some amazing stuff. <3

  • Ugh, Latin alphabet. - Katerina Vorontsov , Wed Jul 18 14:03
    Katya sat quietly, her hands in her lap, back straight, just as Mama had always taught her, but her dark blue-grey eyes were huge in her small face as she tried to study the woman at the front of the ... more
    • At least I'm not alone - Evelyn Stones, Wed Jul 18 15:15
      • Yes, that is good. - Katerina Vorontsov, Thu Jul 19 00:13
        Super confused. This, Katya assumed, was an idiom, because otherwise it was an oxymoron - ‘super,’ she had learned, was short for superlative, and Anton Petrovich said Americans used it to mean... more
        • People are hard - Evelyn Stones, Thu Jul 19 19:50
          Evelyn frowned, just a little bit. She had hoped to find a classmate who felt as overwhelmed as she did, as scared as she did, and as confused as she did, so she wouldn't have to figure all this out... more
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