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Katerina Vorontsov
Yes, that is good.
Thu Jul 19, 2018 00:13

Super confused. This, Katya assumed, was an idiom, because otherwise it was an oxymoron - ‘super,’ she had learned, was short for superlative, and Anton Petrovich said Americans used it to mean ‘good.’ One could not really be good confused, though, not in a literal sense, and so logically she thought she could assume it meant something non-literal.

“I, they call Katerina,” said Katya. Anton Petrovich had taught her that introducing herself in English was to be done my name is Katerina Andreyevna Vorontsova, but Tatya said that Americans did not use their patronymics, and unless Evelyn had a very, very short name, she had definitely not used one just then.

“Yes, please,” said Katya. “It is table,” she added, remembering when Evelyn referred to the chart as ‘this thing.’ That was eto vesh’ - perhaps Evelyn did not know the word. Tatiana had taught Katya the word, after all, from filled in versions of this very chart. Katya was still confused about why it was called that, even after looking it up in the dictionary, since ‘table’ was also the English word for stol - the thing one put one’s plate and glass on while one ate a meal. “What is super confusing?” she asked, since she wasn’t confused, just trying to think in two languages at once and write in only one.

OOC: Understood! Glad you're enjoying the site.

  • At least I'm not alone - Evelyn Stones, Wed Jul 18 15:15
    Evelyn didn't quite smile, she was too nervous for that, but somehow the girl's clumsy bump put her at ease a little bit and she felt herself relax. She couldn't help noticing that the girl hadn't... more
    • Yes, that is good. - Katerina Vorontsov, Thu Jul 19 00:13
      • People are hard - Evelyn Stones, Thu Jul 19 19:50
        Evelyn frowned, just a little bit. She had hoped to find a classmate who felt as overwhelmed as she did, as scared as she did, and as confused as she did, so she wouldn't have to figure all this out... more
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