Malikhi Hill
Well, that depends on what it turns into!
Wed Aug 1, 2018 17:18

Malikhi found that he quite liked this girl. She was clearly fascinated by her new surroundings like he was, though he was less surprised by the existance of magic. The fact that she'd said that being told that magic existed and perceived it as weird indicated to him that she was a muggleborn. He couldn't imagine what it would be like to be in her shoes - he'd known about magic as soon as he could understand words from his mother. He knew and understood more about magic more than his own father who was a muggle. He was not surprised that the whole thing was a shock to Scarlett.

"I am from England," he confirmed her thoughts, nodding. "London, to be exact. I know a bit about the school, if you want me to tell you."

Malikhi wasn't the type of boy to be prepared but he'd been forced by his mother and aunt to sit through a discussion where he'd been told various facts about the school. It didn't seem fair that he knew more than she did, simply because she was muggleborn. He was more than willing to help catch her up, if she wanted him to.

At the moment, she appeared to be looking in the direction of the gardens and he started to walk in that direction. He'd seen a bespectacled teacher pointing first years in that direction so that must be where orientation was being held.

"Come on, orientation's this way!"

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