Headmaster Brockert
Mon Aug 13, 2018 15:21

Hi Scarlett,

You're welcome to post on the main site.

  • Something meaning what, exactly? - Jessqueen, Wed Aug 1 16:57
    (OCC: Aw! Thanks! :) Hope this is an ok first try.) Scarlett smiled, set at ease by Malikhi's easy smile and greeting. That and the fact that he hadn't made an excuse and left after her little... more
    • OOC - Headmaster Brockert, Mon Aug 13 15:21
    • Well, that depends on what it turns into! - Malikhi Hill, Wed Aug 1 17:18
      Malikhi found that he quite liked this girl. She was clearly fascinated by her new surroundings like he was, though he was less surprised by the existance of magic. The fact that she'd said that... more
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