Professor Wright
Sample Class
Wed Dec 26, 2018 04:22

On paper, Beginners should have been the easiest class to teach. The spells they learned were, well, beginner-level, introductory, basic, elementary. In theory, any teacher in the school could have covered for Gray – most of the spells were little different than they had been in Beginners Charms classes for the past twenty or thirty years. The theory might have taken an hour to read up on, but it was purposefully simple, what the first and second years were taught – anyone with a reasonable facility for reading English could understand as much as the Beginners needed to. Simple, Beginners was. Easy. On paper.

In practice, of course – well, it wasn’t always the most difficult course. That was often the Intermediates, the largest class and the least mentally stable. For the first few weeks of the year, however, the first years gave their Intermediate colleagues a good run for their money, and he had to somehow keep them from setting the school on fire while also imparting some kind of useful information to the second years. There were times when, struggling to teach small people the difference between a swish and a flick while also providing a minimum of supervision to the second years without losing his mind and demanding to know what exactly was so difficult, when Gray had the dazed thought that there was a certain heroism to dealing with this age group – at least for the first few weeks.

Those few weeks stretched unpleasantly before him now, as a brand new set of students took their seats.

“Hello, everyone,” he greeted them. “Is everyone ready to make objects fly?”

This was an important day in the lives of young wizards, and he hoped that getting them off to an exciting start would give them a positive impression of the class. He almost thought they might even be more inclined to learn the theory afterwards, especially if they had trouble with the spell - it might motivate them to find out why they were having trouble. Maybe. That part was probably a pipe dream.

“Second years, you should by now be able to levitate basic, lightweight items, so today, you’re going to take another step forward,” he informed them brightly, making the effort to smile – a neat trick about wearing glasses was that it was much easier to smile even if one didn’t really mean it when one’s eyes were obscured at all times. “You’ll be working with these cushions – they weight about a pound each – and you will make them go back and forth in the air after you levitate them, all this with the spell you already know. It’s a feat of concentration, which is why you’re using cushions.” Even if they dropped the cushions directly over their own heads, they shouldn’t be injured enough to require the medic, an individual Gray still felt slightly awkward around because she was the one other staff member who knew what his private space here looked like.

“First years – today is your welcome to the world of breaking physics,” he said. “You will notice on your desks that you each have a new feather quill.” That these were comparatively cheap ones he wouldn’t personally write with was a fact he found unnecessary to add – for one thing it was irrelevant, and for another thing, well, his budget for class props, particularly those which could be presented to students as mementoes of their successes once they demonstrated the skill to him. Besides, it was the rare first year who was going to write much of any substance anyway, particularly voluntarily. “Your task for this lesson is to perform the swish and flick with the incantation Wingardium Leviosa. Done correctly, this will make the feathers rise about five feet in the air and hover for you. Let’s try it all together a few times. Swish and flick,” he demonstrated slowly, getting them to practise along with him silently, scanning for anyone who was going so wrong that they would be a danger to themselves or others. “The best way to work on improving the movement is to practise it for real. You’ll be able to see how accurately you’re doing it by how well your feather floats. Though I will also be coming around to give feedback.

“As always, you may take several tries to get the hang of it – this is true for both years – and don’t get discouraged if you don’t master it today. Just the same, I will be watching to make sure you’re working,” he added, lest anyone get any ideas.

OOC: Welcome to Beginner Charms! This lesson is set early in the term and would probably be your character’s first. Beginners is a mixed class with first and second years. If you need ideas on how to reply to class posts, you can read some examples via any of the class pages.

The minimum word count for a response is 200 words. Try to give us a clear idea of your character, who they are, how they feel about being in this class, as well as addressing the class content (how are they doing with the spell?). In order to make your post easy to reply to, you may want to have them start a conversation with their neighbour (“Are you getting the hang of this yet?”). Remember, you can write only for your own character.

If anyone else has posted in this class, you can either reply to them, or reply to this original class post to start a different conversation with someone else. If you have any questions, post them here, email us, or stop in on chatzy to ask for advice.

    • Oh, dear. - Isabeau Laurent, Wed Dec 26 22:42
      This was it, finally a chance to prove she could do something other than make trouble. She'd practiced the swish and flick movement, went over the incantation in her mind, and all in all felt... more
      • It doesn't seem too bad - Jane Doe, Thu Dec 27 05:09
        Out of character (OOC) note - great job, Isabeau. This is a really strong post and is exactly what we’re looking for. It tackles the class content well, and is realistic for your character’s age and... more
    • Trying not to take someone's eye out - Malikhi Hill, Wed Dec 26 08:17
      Out of character (OOC) note - Malikhi is a second year, which is why he already has opinions on all his teachers and classes, along with some experience with this spell. For new first years, this... more
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