Malikhi Hill
Trying not to take someone's eye out
Wed Dec 26, 2018 08:17

Out of character (OOC) note - Malikhi is a second year, which is why he already has opinions on all his teachers and classes, along with some experience with this spell. For new first years, this would be their first day.

In character:

Malikhi felt positive when he walked into his Charms class. Of the subjects that he was taking, he enjoyed Charms and DADA the most as they taught him useful and practical things and he got to use his wand a lot which he felt was a very important part of being a wizard. Potions was alright but he wasn't very good at following instructions or being precise so he didn't always manage to produce anything of any quality. Herbology was boring - it was just about plants! He disliked Transfiguration. It was often way too hard.

He plopped down into his seat and eagerly pulled out his parchment and quill for notes, as well as his wand. He didn't mind Professor Wright as much as he did when he'd first met him at orientation. Malikhi had found him boring then but his lessons were generally alright and Charms was one of his favourite subjects - it just seemed to make sense to the boy that he'd like the teacher associated with the subject he favoured.

He grinned widely when Professor Wright started talking about the Levitation Charm. He'd always been fascinated by it since asking his mother how she made all her kitchen things fly when she was cooking. He had made an okay start at it in his first year, though he was still a long way off where he wanted to be - able to hover buckets of slime before letting them fall on top of an unsuspecting victim.

Today he would be working with a cushion. That was starting to approach the right weight, and much more encouraging than the feathers he’d had to do as a first year. When Professor Wright had finished his lecture, Malikhi immediately got stuck into the task at hand, picking up his wand with a determined look at his face.

He gave an intense stare at his cushion before moving his wand and declaring 'Wingardium Leviosa!'. However, he'd moved his arm too much and accidentally elbowed his neighbour, disturbing them. He gave them a sheepish grin.

"Sorry about that..."

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    • Oh, dear. - Isabeau Laurent, Wed Dec 26 22:42
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    • Trying not to take someone's eye out - Malikhi Hill, Wed Dec 26 08:17
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