Jane Doe
It doesn't seem too bad
Thu Dec 27, 2018 05:09

Out of character (OOC) note - great job, Isabeau. This is a really strong post and is exactly what we’re looking for. It tackles the class content well, and is realistic for your character’s age and experience. I am using ‘Jane Doe’ to reply. She is our stock sandbox character.

In Character:

Jane took a seat in Charms. Charms seemed such a funny class name to the first year, who had expected to attend a Muggle high school and study subjects like biology and English. Not that she was complaining. Magic being real was definitely cool.

The teacher’s introduction was pretty brief. Is everyone ready to make objects fly? Jane assumed that was rhetorical, to some degree. Her answer, which she did not fancy sharing with the group, was a solid ‘I guess so?’ She was a witch. That meant she could totally do this - she had been born ready, as some gritty action hero might put it. And making things fly seemed… logical-ish, in that it was something she expected witches (like herself!) to do, based on the impressions she had gleaned from film and television. Which she suspected were pretty inaccurate but hey, finding a way to feel comfortable and right about this whole thing had to be a good tactic, right?

She stared at the words on the board for a bit, trying to get her head around them. Spells did not seem like they came in English, which was a bit of a problem. She practised the word over a few times. Then she tried to wave her wand like the professor had said. Swish and flick. She brandished it. She was not sure she could characterise the movements she was making into distinct categories. It all felt rather like… waving a stick around.

“Wingardium leviosa?” she tried, flailing her wand about a bit. She could hear the questioning tone in her own voice and was pretty sure that wasn’t a good thing. She also did not feel very swishy or flicky. Unsurprisingly, the feather stayed on the desk.

She tried the elements separately a few more times, and felt like she was finally getting somewhere, and might try to put them together again. She was about to do this when the feather on the table next to her moved, causing her neighbour to give a small shriek of alarm.

“I think that means you did it right,” Jane smiled, feeling sympathetic amusement at the girl’s reaction - she knew that the feathers floating was what they were expecting to happen, but she had to admit she would probably be a bit shocked when she finally managed it. “Well done. I’m still trying to get my head around the words and the movements. Does this look swish and flicky to you?” she asked, waving her wand in what could more accurately be described as a violent jabbing motion, and expecting she knew what her neighbour’s answer was going to be… “I’m Jane, by the way,” she added.

  • Oh, dear. - Isabeau Laurent, Wed Dec 26 22:42
    This was it, finally a chance to prove she could do something other than make trouble. She'd practiced the swish and flick movement, went over the incantation in her mind, and all in all felt... more
    • It doesn't seem too bad - Jane Doe, Thu Dec 27 05:09
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