Clark Dill
Breaking the Ice
Thu Mar 6, 2014 09:43

OOC (Out of Character): I'm typing this on a mobile device so apologies in advance for any poor spelling. BIC (Back in Character):

Clark Dill wandered through the Cascade Hall. It was between meal times, so it seemed pretty empty by comparison to what he was used to seeing in here. He guessed most people had other things to do on a Saturday afternoon than hang out in the glorified (really very amazingly glorified) cafeteria.

Clark, however, did not.

He had brought along some of his textbooks and homework assignments. He dropped them with a heavy thump on an unoccupied table, paying little attention to its normal House designation. With so few people around, he didn't think it much mattered and part of the reason he came here to do his homework was because he hoped someone might join him and he didn't want to limit his options to other Aladrens as he would have in his common room and the library discouraged conversation. Well, at least, he always felt he was committing a horrible sin every time he made the tiniest noise in one. The Aladren commonroom had almost the same feel to it, as it was lined with books, too.

As he preferred a bit of background noise when working anyway, he thought the Cascade Hall with its multitude of waterfalls splashing down along the walls would be pretty much ideal.

The first thing he did upon sitting down was pull out a sheet of lined loose leaf paper, fold it in half, and write in large letters, "Charms Essay In Progress, Company Welcome." That done, he propped the sign up next to him and opened his Charms book.

He would be able to complete it on his own without a problem, but he liked to talk about the subject with someone while he wrote, to make sure he was making sense and not missing anything.

    • Oh, hello. - Katherine Procter, Thu Mar 6 20:51
      Kitty Procter "hmmphed" again as she walked through the halls away from the Library, her Charms textbook clutched against her chest and the strap of her school bag balancing precariously on the edge... more
      • Hi, yourself! - Clark Dill, Fri Mar 7 09:48
        Clark's blond head was bowed over his work, so he did not see Kitty's approach. Worse, he was fully engrossed in scrawling ink across his parchment as he attempted to describe the finer points of his ... more
        • A new perspective. - Katherine Procter, Fri Mar 7 20:59
          Kitty truly felt bad about startling Clark so badly. Luckily, there did not seem to be any hard feelings, and he was even making jokes about it, so her smile widened a little as she worked. A few... more
          • I can bring plenty of those. - Clark, Fri Mar 7 22:26
            Kitty seemed kinda shy. She wasn't quite looking at him, and she stammered a bit before she talked. But she thought physics was a good idea to include in the essay, so he didn't cross anything out... more
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