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Katherine Procter
Oh, hello.
Thu Mar 6, 2014 20:51

Kitty Procter "hmmphed" again as she walked through the halls away from the Library, her Charms textbook clutched against her chest and the strap of her school bag balancing precariously on the edge of her shoulder. It was a library, for all that is good and pure! Should those not be silent?! She tried to focus on her Charms essay assignment for several minutes before the whispering and tittering started to grate on her nerves, and she just had to leave. Her first thought was to go back to the Crotalus common room, but, frankly, Gunter scared her something fierce, so she decided to find sanctuary in the Labrynth gardens.

The fact that she managed to get lost in there three separate times was temporarily forgotten. Kitty just needed to find someplace that wasn't the library where she could work on her homework in relative peace.

She was passing the entrance to the Cascade Hall when her shoulder lost the battle with her bag, which slid down to her elbow. With another "hmmph", she pulled the offending accessory back to her shoulder. As she did, she noticed another first year sitting at the Teppenpaw table. She recognized him as Clark Dill, and he was an Aladren. What was he doing at the Teppenpaw table?

Curious, Kitty entered the beautiful cafeteria, allowing the sounds of the water to calm her frayed nerves. As she approached Clark, she noticed a crude sign made from a piece of lined paper.

"Charms Essay In Progress, Company Welcome."

Well, how serendipitous. Kitty was struggling in Charms (actually, she was struggling in all her classes to some extent, she feared she would never get the hang of any of her classes!), so company could probably help her out. Taking a deep breath to bolster her courage (she did not know Clark beyond his name and House), she stepped up to the opposite side of the table from her classmate and dropped her textbook on the tabletop. Wincing at the sound, which was louder than she intended, she offered him a shy smile and took a seat. Opening her textbook to the relevant chapter, she pulled out her heavily edited essay draft and, wordlessly, got back to her homework, allowing her chocolate brown bangs to shield her face from view.

  • Breaking the Ice - Clark Dill, Thu Mar 6 09:43
    OOC (Out of Character): I'm typing this on a mobile device so apologies in advance for any poor spelling. BIC (Back in Character): Clark Dill wandered through the Cascade Hall. It was between meal... more
    • Oh, hello. - Katherine Procter, Thu Mar 6 20:51
      • Hi, yourself! - Clark Dill, Fri Mar 7 09:48
        Clark's blond head was bowed over his work, so he did not see Kitty's approach. Worse, he was fully engrossed in scrawling ink across his parchment as he attempted to describe the finer points of his ... more
        • A new perspective. - Katherine Procter, Fri Mar 7 20:59
          Kitty truly felt bad about startling Clark so badly. Luckily, there did not seem to be any hard feelings, and he was even making jokes about it, so her smile widened a little as she worked. A few... more
          • I can bring plenty of those. - Clark, Fri Mar 7 22:26
            Kitty seemed kinda shy. She wasn't quite looking at him, and she stammered a bit before she talked. But she thought physics was a good idea to include in the essay, so he didn't cross anything out... more
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