Clark Dill
Hi, yourself!
Fri Mar 7, 2014 09:48

Clark's blond head was bowed over his work, so he did not see Kitty's approach. Worse, he was fully engrossed in scrawling ink across his parchment as he attempted to describe the finer points of his thought process. As such, the loud thump as his table shuddered under the sudden weight of Kitty's book took him entirely off guard.

"Aah!" Clark yelped, thankfully not too loudly, but still loudly enough (along with the startled jump several inches into the air, which made him bang his knee against the bottom of the table) to make him flush in mild embarrassment. "Sorry," he apologized, grinning sheepishly. "You're really not *that* scary," he told her, hoping for a laugh to dispel any awkwardness his reaction might have generated. "Sit, sit," he welcomed her to the table, gesturing toward an empty seat.

She accepted the invitation, sitting across from him, and brought out an essay of her own that looked farther along than his was. She didn't say anything else, and seemed intent on her work, but Clark was not deterred. She had sat down here rather than at some other empty table so, clearly, she was not entirely against chatting while they worked.

"Do you think the teacher wants us to get into the physics of how wingardium leviosa works, or just the magic behind it?" he asked, pretty sure citing Newton's Laws was overkill, but not entirely sure about it. "My dad's an astrophysicist," he shared, by way of explanation, "So he felt it was neccessary to explain how physics was involved in almost everything, so now an essay doesn't feel complete without referencing them a little bit, but I'm not quite sure that's what Professor Olivers is looking for. My English teacher last year didn't want to read about muskets function either during our Johnny Tremain unit, but it sounded smart and my dad could help me with that easier than he could with literary themes, and she actually still gave me an A minus." Clark realized he did not know her educational background and specified, "Muggle A, that is, which is a good grade, unlike the wizards A."

  • Oh, hello. - Katherine Procter, Thu Mar 6 20:51
    Kitty Procter "hmmphed" again as she walked through the halls away from the Library, her Charms textbook clutched against her chest and the strap of her school bag balancing precariously on the edge... more
    • Hi, yourself! - Clark Dill, Fri Mar 7 09:48
      • A new perspective. - Katherine Procter, Fri Mar 7 20:59
        Kitty truly felt bad about startling Clark so badly. Luckily, there did not seem to be any hard feelings, and he was even making jokes about it, so her smile widened a little as she worked. A few... more
        • I can bring plenty of those. - Clark, Fri Mar 7 22:26
          Kitty seemed kinda shy. She wasn't quite looking at him, and she stammered a bit before she talked. But she thought physics was a good idea to include in the essay, so he didn't cross anything out... more
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