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Thu Jun 26, 2014 06:54

OOC - this class has been copied to the sandbox in order to give authors practise in writing for Sonora. Please enjoy and stick to site rules. Other authors will give you IN CHARACTER responses, as well as OUT OF CHARACTER feedback.

Diana Yu had already introduced herself to the students and expressed that she understood that it was hard to acclimate to a new teacher-- as it was, she only had one semester with the 7th years so she didn’t expect them to warm up to her too quickly or even that much. She knew they were probably used to their previous professor and after a weird semester of no teachers they were probably feeling rather rowdy. On top of that she was still a young teacher- closer to them in age than their last professor most likely had been. Her hair was still a rich ebony and her youthful skin pale with a slight rosy tint to it. Some of her Muggle-born university classmates had called her an Asian Snow White and Diana had needed to ask them what that meant before being shown some sweet looking illustrations of a fairytale maiden in the woods surrounded with wildlife. She decided to take it as a compliment even though dwarfs tended to give her the creeps as Snow White was pretty and seemed to enjoy the wilderness like herself.

That aside, she was a lot more comfortable with the first and second years and it showed too. It was probably because she had the advanced students for two hours first thing after breakfast and the beginners and intermediates after lunch giving her time to prepare. Besides, a class of 11 year olds was far less intimidating if they followed a class of 17 year olds.

She had looked at some of her parents’ lesson plans from when she and her brothers were 11 and 12 and had copied quite a few that pertained to the textbook the students at Sonora were using. They were a little over a month into the term now and Diana had already used the cure for boils lesson and forgetfulness potion and had started on the twelve uses of dragon blood but she was in a weird mood today after helping prep the 7th years with tips for successfully taking the Potions R.A.T. exam. She wanted to create a fun lesson, one to wake the students up from the “one-month into school” drowzies and she knew exactly what she wanted to start the class off with.

“Good afternoon, class!” Diana announced once it was 1 o’clock promptly. Tardiness was not tolerated without a valid excuse and by now all her classes knew that she would start with or without them but never before 1 o’clock. “If everyone could put their books away and take out a quill and parchment that would be lovely, please. I have a short pop quiz that should be very easy if you all did your homework and read Chapter Five of your Potions textbooks. If you could all write your name, house and year at the top of your parchment we can begin.” She smiled at the class and waited for them to clear their desks before continuing. “For this pop quiz I want you to list the twelve uses of dragon’s blood*. No more, no less. Exactly twelve-- if you’re not sure put it down anyway. If you cannot remember a use, make one up. I want everyone to use their brains here.” She was looking forward to reading the lists as when her parents had given her and her brothers the same assignment many years ago some of the answers (Stephen’s in particular) had been quite creative, absurd, and altogether wrong. “Remember,” she said, smiling. “I will give half points for creativity.”

Diana stood back and watched as the students began to work on their pop quizzes. She trusted them all enough not to cast an anti-cheating spell on the classroom as well as to turn her back on them to set up the day’s lesson. She carefully raised her hand to the chalkboard and wrote in clear letters Antidote to Common Potions. Even though she could use magic to do so she preferred handwriting it as her parents had stressed legible calligraphy strongly in their lessons and she had learned both simplified and traditional Chinese lettering during her homeschooled lessons in addition to all the regular magical classes. Diana underlined the name of the lesson and divided the board up into four parts and numbered them. Then she turned around and waited for the last of the class to bring forth their quiz papers.

“Thank you,” she said. “Now, for today’s lesson we are going to learn about the Antidote to Common Potions. This is very important and useful for the future so I will allow you to bottle a small sample of your final product to add to your potions kit if I believe it to be brewed well enough so that should be incentive to do well.”

Honestly, she didn’t expect many of them to fully succeed and make a perfect antidote but it was a good incentive to have them all work as hard as they could. “Before we begin crafting this potion though, we need to go over what goes in the potion because as we all know,” and here she knew some of the students were probably reciting along with her in their heads because she said this so many times “a potion is only as strong as what goes in it.” Diana smiled and pointed to the four categories on the board. “These are the four different ingredients that we need; bezoars, unicorn horn, and mistletoe berries are the three standard ingredients while dittany is one that is sometimes substituted out for a more diluted mix of herbs.” As she named each ingredient she wrote them up on the board.

“Now, who can tell me what the uses of each of these ingredients are?” The class was two hours long and the antidote only took 30-40 minutes to brew once the ingredients had been prepared so she was confident that there was time for a discussion on top of the pop quiz. Once the board was filled with the class’s answers Diana set them free to pair up as they pleased and work on the potion. “It should be on page 37 of your books,” she reminded them and wrote a large 37 in the top right hand corner of the blackboard for anyone who wasn’t listening. “Please start making your potion now and worry about taking down the notes on the blackboard later as you will have time once your potion has begun to brew.”

*There is no formal list of all twelve uses of dragon's blood as J.K. Rowling never released such a list, so go ahead and put down as many as you would like so long as you make it clear your character wrote down twelve ideas.
-The ingredient list and brewing instructions can be found here.
-Please remember posts must be kept as realistic as possible and be a minimum of 200 words. Feel free to tag Professor Yu if assistance is needed. Also, do remember that Beginner’s Potions starts at 1 o’clock so this shouldn’t be anyone’s first class (unless, of course, they missed the other classes for some reason or another). Otherwise have fun— points are awarded for creativity and grammar.

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