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Kayla Taaffe
Thu Jun 26, 2014 07:19

Kayla was excited for potions class. she added 1 Bezoar to the mortar & crushed it into a very fine powder using the pestle. she then added 4 measures of the crushed Bezoar to her cauldron & added 2 measures of Standard Ingredient to her cauldron. she heated to a medium temperature for 5 seconds & waved her wand. she left it to brew & returned in 40 minutes with a Pewter Cauldron.

she added 1 pinch of Unicorn Horns to her cauldron & stirred it 2 times, clockwise. she added 2 Mistletoe Berries to her cauldron & she stirred it 2 times, anti-clockwise. she waved her wand to complete the potion.

  • Sample Class - Diana Yu, Thu Jun 26 06:54
    OOC - this class has been copied to the sandbox in order to give authors practise in writing for Sonora. Please enjoy and stick to site rules. Other authors will give you IN CHARACTER responses, as... more
    • Potions - Kayla Taaffe, Thu Jun 26 07:19
      • Re: Potions - Jamie Park, Thu Jun 26 07:32
        OOC: Hey Kayla, thanks for joining us. This is the sandbox page where you can practise the way we write at Sonora. Here are three tips to improve the post you submitted: 1). We aim for good standards ... more
        • Re: Potions - Anita Tippet, Wed Jul 30 14:14
          OOC: Hello. I'm still new to the message. How does one use bold, italic, and underline here? IC: Anita could hear Jamie talking to his neighbor. She sat at a table across the way, and already she was ... more
          • Let's get things going - Jamie Park, Thu Jul 31 08:41
            OOC - You can use html tags. is for bold, is for italics, is for underline (all without the spaces, which I just put in so they'd show up rather than activating). To end the bold/italics/underline... more
            • A Badly Brewed Potion - Anita Tippet, Fri Aug 1 12:25
              OOC: Sorry about that, with Anita's brother. I've changed it on her character sheet I drew up, so that way her brother is attending a different school. Thanks for the tip about the html tags. IC:... more
              • A Badly Brewed Potion, Revised - Anita Tippet, Fri Aug 1 13:47
                OOC: I realized I hadn't been looking at the Roleplaying Rules before I posted the last reply. Here's my revision. Hopefully, I don't make anymore mistakes like that. IC: Anita could smell the... more
                • Re: A Badly Brewed Potion, Revised - Jamie Park, Sat Aug 2 07:19
                  OOC - Good job, both on the post and on catching your own mistake. As Jamie had called out to another student 'a few seats along' you could have chosen for this to be Anita, and to have responded to... more
                  • Re: A Badly Brewed Potion, Revised - Anita Tippet, Sat Aug 2 12:37
                    OOC: Thanks. Yeah, I didn't think about that. I know this is for practice, but at least it's giving me the feel for what will happen for real. So, I guess classes start September 1st for the IC. Then ... more
              • A Mistake - Anita Tippet, Fri Aug 1 13:14
                OOC: I realize I did something against the roleplaying rules in my last reply. I am sorry.
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