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Jamie Park
Let's get things going
Thu Jul 31, 2014 08:41

OOC - You can use html tags. < b > is for bold, < i > is for italics, < u > is for underline (all without the spaces, which I just put in so they'd show up rather than activating). To end the bold/italics/underline just do the pointy brackets with / and the letter. For example, if I want < b > these words < / b> to be bold, I would write those tags, minus the spaces.

One quick note, Anita's brother can't be a fifth year here, unless you want to send an application for him too and have him 'transfer in' from another school. As we already have a fifth year of students who are all role-played and all know each other, it would make reality a bit melty if someone then claims their brother is in the year when he.... kind of clearly isn't.

Jamie shrugged to himself and tipped the powdered leaves into his cauldron. Professor Yu had said that the dittany could be substituted. Maybe not for this but it clearly wasn't that sensitive which herb went in. He knew he'd be in a heap of trouble if his Potion did any serious damage, not just with Professor Yu but if she wrote home about it... Messing up any class was a sin, but to screw up in Potions... Well, that was cardinal. The little Devil-may-care part of him almost wished it would, although he guessed he wouldn't be at home to see the look on his mother's face, and that was really where all the fun was... He'd just be here to be on the receiving end of a Howler, which probably wouldn't be so pleasant.

Still, it was too late to go back on it now, his mystery brew was simmering away. It seemed to be working out well enough too, until he got to the part where he had to wave his wand over the cauldron. After he did so, a rather unpleasant, cabbagey sort of smell reached his nostrils. His Potion wasn't giving off any kind of smoke, or any other indication that it was the cause of the odor, so he didn't immediately make the connection. However, when the smell didn't fade away, he leant over, and found himself very quickly leaning back again.

"Excuse you," he called jokingly at a student a few seats down, wafting at his nose. As there weren't any visible signs that his cauldron was the cause of the unpleasant smell, it seemed like an easy enough joke to play.

  • Re: Potions - Anita Tippet, Wed Jul 30 14:14
    OOC: Hello. I'm still new to the message. How does one use bold, italic, and underline here? IC: Anita could hear Jamie talking to his neighbor. She sat at a table across the way, and already she was ... more
    • Let's get things going - Jamie Park, Thu Jul 31 08:41
      • A Badly Brewed Potion - Anita Tippet, Fri Aug 1 12:25
        OOC: Sorry about that, with Anita's brother. I've changed it on her character sheet I drew up, so that way her brother is attending a different school. Thanks for the tip about the html tags. IC:... more
        • A Badly Brewed Potion, Revised - Anita Tippet, Fri Aug 1 13:47
          OOC: I realized I hadn't been looking at the Roleplaying Rules before I posted the last reply. Here's my revision. Hopefully, I don't make anymore mistakes like that. IC: Anita could smell the... more
          • Re: A Badly Brewed Potion, Revised - Jamie Park, Sat Aug 2 07:19
            OOC - Good job, both on the post and on catching your own mistake. As Jamie had called out to another student 'a few seats along' you could have chosen for this to be Anita, and to have responded to... more
            • Re: A Badly Brewed Potion, Revised - Anita Tippet, Sat Aug 2 12:37
              OOC: Thanks. Yeah, I didn't think about that. I know this is for practice, but at least it's giving me the feel for what will happen for real. So, I guess classes start September 1st for the IC. Then ... more
        • A Mistake - Anita Tippet, Fri Aug 1 13:14
          OOC: I realize I did something against the roleplaying rules in my last reply. I am sorry.
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