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Eva Winters
Re: Potential New Student Social Tutorial
Thu Jul 31, 2014 17:49

Eva Winters walked in awe into the library, gray eyes wide in excitement. She thought her schools library was huge, but this was incredible! The Wizarding world just kept getting better, how did she ever live without knowing all this! So many titles, she could read all day...

Eva went to the nearest shelf and browsed through the books resting inside, picking one at random before walking over to a plush arm chair and starting to read. A few minutes later she heard the sound of someone clearing their throat and looked up to see another student standing in front of her. She smiled.

"Hi, is there something you need?" She asked, curious to who this new person might be.

  • Potential New Student Social Tutorial - Headmistress Kijewski-Jareau, Sun Aug 18 16:20
    Welcome to the second tutorial for new first years. Tutorials are here for your enjoyment they are not mandatory, and you are welcome to post at this tutorial if you have not attended the class... more
    • Re: Potential New Student Social Tutorial - Eva Winters, Thu Jul 31 17:49
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