Anita Tippet
A Badly Brewed Potion, Revised
Fri Aug 1, 2014 13:47

I realized I hadn't been looking at the Roleplaying Rules before I posted the last reply. Here's my revision. Hopefully, I don't make anymore mistakes like that.

Anita could smell the unpleasantness of the potion a few seats down. Then other cauldrons started getting a mixture of strange smells. Well, she did the first part correctly; that was all she was concerned about for now. Now she had to wait until the brew was ready for Part 2. Oh boy. She had to get the potion right this time.

She remembered what Professor Yu said very clearly to the class, "a potion is only as strong as what goes in it". Anita couldn't help but feel that Professor Yu was right. As the time passed, Anita smelt something funny... it had to be the potion. She did everything right: crushed the Bezoar and added four measures to the cauldron, mixed in the dittany. It was the dittany; it had to be.

Anita would have to ask for help. She looked around and eventually saw Professor Yu wandering around the classroom. She had no idea how everyone else was doing, but from the grimaced looks, she had a feeling they messed up as well.

"Was this how it was done?" asked Anita.

Then she noticed her potion was changing into a yellowish tea color. Was that good or bad? She did not know which it was.

  • A Badly Brewed Potion - Anita Tippet, Fri Aug 1 12:25
    OOC: Sorry about that, with Anita's brother. I've changed it on her character sheet I drew up, so that way her brother is attending a different school. Thanks for the tip about the html tags. IC:... more
    • A Badly Brewed Potion, Revised - Anita Tippet, Fri Aug 1 13:47
      • Re: A Badly Brewed Potion, Revised - Jamie Park, Sat Aug 2 07:19
        OOC - Good job, both on the post and on catching your own mistake. As Jamie had called out to another student 'a few seats along' you could have chosen for this to be Anita, and to have responded to... more
        • Re: A Badly Brewed Potion, Revised - Anita Tippet, Sat Aug 2 12:37
          OOC: Thanks. Yeah, I didn't think about that. I know this is for practice, but at least it's giving me the feel for what will happen for real. So, I guess classes start September 1st for the IC. Then ... more
    • A Mistake - Anita Tippet, Fri Aug 1 13:14
      OOC: I realize I did something against the roleplaying rules in my last reply. I am sorry.
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