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New Settings
Sat Aug 2, 2014 15:21

OOC: I'm really new here, so I was wondering if someone could help me along. If you could be so kind as to tell me if I'm using the sandbox correctly, I'd be much obliged.

IC: Taylor stood outside the Labyrinth Gardens transfixed. Her green eyes shifted constantly as she tried to catch every movemnt of every leaf in the breeze. There were rumors about this place. Even as a first year Muggleborn, she had heard the rumors: terrifying beasts somewhere deep within the Gardens, students attacked as they made their way through. She tried to suppress a slight smile; those stories were "my cousin's friend" kind of stories, the things that they'd call 'urban legends' back home. But God, this place had a draw to it. It wasn't something Taylor believed to be purely connected to the magic of the world around it. The Labyrinth Gardens had a magic all their own.

"And I'm going to drink it in,' she muttered under her breath as she pushed a stray lock of golden hair from her eyes. This was the place for her; she could feel it, the magic, deep in her soul. She sucked in a deep breath and started into the Gardens. She wanted to experience all of it, right then. But she stopped when she saw she wasn't alone.

Clearing her throat nervously, she gave a brief nod. H-hello."

    • Aren't they awesome? - John Umland, Sun Aug 3 13:19
      OOC: Hey, Taylor, and welcome to Sonora! We're glad to have you.  Can't think why you'd appear as Anonymous unless you forgot to put your name in the Author box when you posted - happens to all of us ... more
      • Water Sources? - Taylor Petterson, Mon Aug 4 14:28
        Water sources? What was he talking about? Taylor looked the newcomer over and tried to size him up. He looked a bit like an overgrown Boy Scout. She'd been a Boy Scout up until she had gotten her... more
    • RE: New Settings - Taylor Petterson, Sat Aug 2 15:28
      OOC: And why am I showing up as 'Anonymous'?
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