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John Umland
Aren't they awesome?
Sun Aug 3, 2014 13:19

OOC: Hey, Taylor, and welcome to Sonora! We're glad to have you. 

Can't think why you'd appear as Anonymous unless you forgot to put your name in the Author box when you posted - happens to all of us once in a while - or there was a computer glitch. Other than that, it looks like you did a good job with the sandbox, so feel free to join in at the Feast! If you want some threading practice first, though, here's an example of a reply to your post, though remember that this hasn't happened IC and Taylor won't know John on the other boards.

BIC: John had spent most of his first day or two at Sonora buried in the library,  lost in an encyclopedia, but the quiet had made him almost homesick after a while because he was so used to his friends at home annoying him when he tried to read in the library and lure of new specimens to study in the Gardens had grown too much to resist. In the afternoons and on the weekends, he had developed the habit of donning the tan, button-down shirt which had been his Scout uniform back home in Calgary, adding a few books to the writing set in his bag, and spending hours wandering in the Labyrinth, taking notes and reading as he pleased.

Today, he had more purpose than usual. He had heard reports of fire crabs, creatures he had never observed up close, in the Gardens, and while he wasn't sure if they were true, he was going to investigate. He had fewer books than usual in case he had to walk a long way, such rudimentary science equipment as he had, and a determined expression on his face as he left the building and stepped through the first opening in the hedges.

To find fire crabs, he thought he would do best to try to find water, so he had one of his old guidebooks in hand and began looking for anything that matched his woodcraft class. The problem, though (as he quickly realized), was that Sonora was enchanted from top to bottom. The weather and garden plants were not native to the deserts of Arizona, making John wonder how much any of the rules he knew would apply. He looked around, wondering, and jumped when he turned and saw a blonde girl entering the Gardens, too.

"Hi," he replied. He closed his guide book and was glad he had decided not to wear the neckerchief that went with his old uniform just for old time's sake. The tan shirt and khakis looked almost like what an explorer-scientist should wear, but that thing looked stupid, and while he didn't care so much about his own reputation, his sister was a prefect now. He figured Julian needed all the help she could get and not looking ridiculous in public was as much help as he could really give her. Or so she said, anyway. "Have you ever seen any water sources out here?" he asked, deciding that since someone was here, he might as well get help in his mission from her if he could.

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    OOC: I'm really new here, so I was wondering if someone could help me along. If you could be so kind as to tell me if I'm using the sandbox correctly, I'd be much obliged. IC: Taylor stood outside... more
    • Aren't they awesome? - John Umland, Sun Aug 3 13:19
      • Water Sources? - Taylor Petterson, Mon Aug 4 14:28
        Water sources? What was he talking about? Taylor looked the newcomer over and tried to size him up. He looked a bit like an overgrown Boy Scout. She'd been a Boy Scout up until she had gotten her... more
    • RE: New Settings - Taylor Petterson, Sat Aug 2 15:28
      OOC: And why am I showing up as 'Anonymous'?
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