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Taylor Petterson
Water Sources?
Mon Aug 4, 2014 14:28

Water sources? What was he talking about? Taylor looked the newcomer over and tried to size him up. He looked a bit like an overgrown Boy Scout. She'd been a Boy Scout up until she had gotten her letter to Sonora. The first few years she had kept her hair chopped off and pretnded to be a boy. Her mother had figured it was just a phaze, and as long as she allowed her to use her as a dress-up doll, she was allowed to go to Boy Scouts. It was wonderful. After about three years of it though, she had let her hair grow back out, and no one had thought to kick her out. She was as much of a boy as the rest of them.

Those memories made her feel a bit more trusting to the boy before her, but just because he looked like some sort of Scout didn't mean that he was. people could rarely be trusted to be that straightforward. Not like nature; even with her pitfalls and other dangers, Nature was often straightforward and honest. There were few deciets that couldn't be cleared just by using your head and your eyes when outdoors. people, however, were shifty and sly. They would decieve you.

And yet, Taylor found herself answering the boy. "No, sorry. I just got here, but I suppose we could look together. If you don't mind?" She was going to trust him.

  • Aren't they awesome? - John Umland, Sun Aug 3 13:19
    OOC: Hey, Taylor, and welcome to Sonora! We're glad to have you.  Can't think why you'd appear as Anonymous unless you forgot to put your name in the Author box when you posted - happens to all of us ... more
    • Water Sources? - Taylor Petterson, Mon Aug 4 14:28
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