Sylvetta Vuong
A party?
Fri Dec 19, 2014 05:56

OOC: Hi Ginger Pierce, I'm here a little bit late, but pleasure to meet you! I really want to practice, so here I go :D


If Sylvetta could actually separate her nose from the book page, maybe she would know what was going on. But no, the book was good, genius even, and nothing could beat that. At least at the moment.

What she was (kind of) trying to do was to find a place to go for a walk while digging in the book. She didn't like staying at the library: that was the place for books, not humans. Light physical activities made reading more fun. So she went out to do just that; and she wandered until there was a piece of cake on a plate in her hand (what? cake? nice, but what?) and all around her people were chatting with great enthusiasm.

However, Wizard of the North was just throwing her most powerful spell at the Wicked Witch of the West, so the piece of cake rapidly became a secondary problem. It was good anyway, though the color was a little bit too much.

Sylvetta never looked up from the pages; even when she heard the happy greeting and the question, she continued reading. "June sixth," she replied absently, taking another bite on the piece of cake. "The weather's always nice on my birthday. A blessing, really." To try not to be rude, she waved her hand holding the plate, "This is delicious," and smiled at the book.

  • A party! - Ginger Pierce, Thu Dec 18 22:39
    OOC (Out of Character): Hi and welcome to the SA23 sandbox. This is just a social thread like you might post in the Labyrinth Gardens (as this one is set in), or one of the other non-class boards.... more
    • A party? - Sylvetta Vuong, Fri Dec 19 05:56
      • Oui, a party. - Caelia Lucan, Fri Dec 19 19:14
        OOC: Hey, no worries. Because of something we call “fuzzy time” it allows us to reply to each other over a course of days while “In Character” the exchange happens over a couple of minutes. Great... more
        • Yes, a party! - Ginger Pierce, Fri Dec 19 22:11
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          • The conversation actually went on. - Sylvetta Vuong, Sat Dec 20 01:51
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            • Conversations tend to do that :) - Caelia Lucan, Tue Dec 23 15:57
              A non-egg, non-milk cake sounded horrid and Caelia scrunched up her face a little bit. She felt for Ginger who, though seemed to enjoy the rougher things in life like balls and outdoor games if her... more
              • I'm a talker - Ginger Pierce, Tue Dec 23 22:28
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                • Not much of a talker, but maybe acceptable - Sylvetta Vuong, Wed Dec 24 10:53
                  It took Sylvetta a whole three seconds to conjure up a plan of reaction to the new information - new? There really should be embarassment here - and she chose to blink at the obviously-not-Ginger... more
                  • An Interruption - Wujy, Mon Dec 29 13:24
                    Hot dog! Izzy thought to herself as she dressed for her first school party. My first invitation to a party for magic folks! She spritzed her wild curls with water and combed through them briefly,... more
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