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Caelia Lucan
Oui, a party.
Fri Dec 19, 2014 19:14

OOC: Hey, no worries. Because of something we call “fuzzy time” it allows us to reply to each other over a course of days while “In Character” the exchange happens over a couple of minutes. Great first post, by the way :)


When Caelia had first heard that there was to be a birthday party, she had been a confused because to have such late notice for a proper party was an astonishing idea to her rather simple mind. Perhaps the Caelia of a few years ago would not have paid any attention to it, but when Emrys had left for Sonora her feeble mind had been easily susceptible to the prejudices of her father’s parents. As it was, she was already cautious in accepting the invitation lest Grandfather roll over in his grave, but she was sure that one little party in which the whole class was invited wouldn’t be too bad. Besides, it was rude to decline an invitation when one was so obviously free and so perhaps that aspect of propriety would gain her a “pass.” Caelia almost asked her brother for advice before remembering that he wasn’t the sort to care about blood barriers though he still tried to conduct himself in a respectable manner and this was the sort of thing that would anger him. He had already been ticked off when she announced her decision to cease friendship with Matthew and Caelia didn’t want to make her brother annoyed with her again. Though it had been the first time, Emrys was a rather sweet wizard, slow to anger, and the experience of him telling her off had not been a pleasant one.

So, for perhaps the first time in her life, Caelia made a decision on her own and that decision was to go to the party, mingle with her classmates, and not worry for once about what was and what wasn’t proper. Perhaps that would earn Emrys’ forgiveness for the slip-up she’d had over the summer regarding Matthew. That decided, Caelia carefully brushed out her blonde curls upon her return to her dorm and chose one of her favorite dresses, a pale pink with a faint, semi-floral pattern on it. “Hello,” she greeted Ginger politely once she arrived. “Happy Birthday.”

Caelia selected a piece of bright blue cake because she felt that to choose pink would be entirely too matchy-matchy and that wasn’t at all the impression she wanted to give to the other party-goers. She could have fun—perhaps not the sort of fun that came with brooms and balls at least, not anymore, but she could still have fun. After a couple bites of cake she noticed the hostess talking to a girl with her nose in a book. Caelia smiled because it reminded her of so many conversations between her and her brother so she wandered over to join the conversation.

“The cake is delicious,” she agreed when the other girl commented on the cake. Personally the blue was a little brighter than Caelia would have liked, preferring pastels herself, but it wasn’t her party and she thought Ginger probably enjoyed that color if she chose it for the cake so Caelia decided that it would probably be rude to say anything regarding that. “And it is a nice party, I’m glad the weather turned out for it.” She smiled politely before taking another bite of the cake. “Do you always have birthday parties like this?”

OOC: The bit about the weather turning out was just me assuming it was probably nice since we’re outside and Ginger didn’t make any mention of it being difficult weather for an outdoor party.

  • A party? - Sylvetta Vuong, Fri Dec 19 05:56
    OOC: Hi Ginger Pierce, I'm here a little bit late, but pleasure to meet you! I really want to practice, so here I go :D BIC: If Sylvetta could actually separate her nose from the book page, maybe she ... more
    • Oui, a party. - Caelia Lucan, Fri Dec 19 19:14
      • Yes, a party! - Ginger Pierce, Fri Dec 19 22:11
        OOC: Yeah, what Caelia said. No rush on responses. You just post when you can, whether that be the same day or the next week, and the narrative continues as if no time passes in between. Caelia,... more
        • The conversation actually went on. - Sylvetta Vuong, Sat Dec 20 01:51
          OOC: I'm just a little bit nervous, but everything's OK now, thank you for the reassurance :D Also, hello Caelia! BIC: Hey, hey, hey, someone's doing the talky-talky, part of Sylvetta's brain nudged... more
          • Conversations tend to do that :) - Caelia Lucan, Tue Dec 23 15:57
            A non-egg, non-milk cake sounded horrid and Caelia scrunched up her face a little bit. She felt for Ginger who, though seemed to enjoy the rougher things in life like balls and outdoor games if her... more
            • I'm a talker - Ginger Pierce, Tue Dec 23 22:28
              OOC: Just as a note of etiquette, it is considered polite - and might be an actual site rule now, I'm not sure - to take turns in three(or more)-person threads, so you keep posting in the same order... more
              • Not much of a talker, but maybe acceptable - Sylvetta Vuong, Wed Dec 24 10:53
                It took Sylvetta a whole three seconds to conjure up a plan of reaction to the new information - new? There really should be embarassment here - and she chose to blink at the obviously-not-Ginger... more
                • An Interruption - Wujy, Mon Dec 29 13:24
                  Hot dog! Izzy thought to herself as she dressed for her first school party. My first invitation to a party for magic folks! She spritzed her wild curls with water and combed through them briefly,... more
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