Ginger Pierce
Yes, a party!
Fri Dec 19, 2014 22:11

OOC: Yeah, what Caelia said. No rush on responses. You just post when you can, whether that be the same day or the next week, and the narrative continues as if no time passes in between. Caelia, totally safe assumption. I was thinking after I posted that maybe I should have mentioned the weather was nice. BIC:

The girl she addressed was deeply involved in a book. Ginger recognized this because the girl did not even look at her when she answered the question. Ginger wasn't quite sure what to make of that. It wasn't something she had ever encountered before. Nobody in her family was really much of a reader. Whenever she saw one of her cousins reading, it generally meant they were probably bored or stuck doing tedious homework, and she usually took it as an request to invite them to go do something that was actually fun.

This preference for reading over talking was quite baffling to her. Still, she noted the date of the girl's birthday and made a mental note that she should hold a party before the midsummer event to celebrate all the summer birthdays and at least one piece should have a book draw into its icing.

Fortunately, another girl approached before she had to decide whether to keep talking to the book (and its attached girl) or if she should just wander away and find somebody who actually wanted to chat.

"Hi, thanks!" she said in response to the well wishes for her birthday. "My family usually gives me a cake, but it never tastes nearly as good because they don't use eggs or milk when they bake," she grimaced a bit, recalling the birthday cake she'd gotten for her eleventh birthday. She'd pretended to like it, because Aunt Lacey had worked hard on it, and really it wasn't bad but it wasn't like this cake, all fluffy and moist and wonderful. She enjoyed another bite of her chocolate cake with the brilliant pink icing. Delicious. "But, yeah, otherwise, pretty much like this. Outside. Chaos. Food. But, you know, more grown-ups and other people older and younger than eleven or twelve."

"That's a great dress, by the way," she added, having thought so from the moment she saw the other girl but it hadn't seemed quite the right time to mention it until she answered the question posed to her directly. She herself had changed into a light sundress of a pretty minty-green color after class so while maybe quite not as fancy as the pink-dress-girl (whose name she was 62% sure was Karen), Ginger was at least dressed up in nicer clothes for her own party than the shorts and t-shirt she normally favored outside of class. Her dark hair (she'd been named for the character in Gilligan's Island, not her own hair color) was freshly brushed, too, but she hadn't had time to do anything with it before rushing down to the Gardens.

"And what are you reading?" she curiously asked the book-girl (whose name was almost 30% certainly Sylvestra). "You seem really engrossed in it."

  • Oui, a party. - Caelia Lucan, Fri Dec 19 19:14
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    • Yes, a party! - Ginger Pierce, Fri Dec 19 22:11
      • The conversation actually went on. - Sylvetta Vuong, Sat Dec 20 01:51
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        • Conversations tend to do that :) - Caelia Lucan, Tue Dec 23 15:57
          A non-egg, non-milk cake sounded horrid and Caelia scrunched up her face a little bit. She felt for Ginger who, though seemed to enjoy the rougher things in life like balls and outdoor games if her... more
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              It took Sylvetta a whole three seconds to conjure up a plan of reaction to the new information - new? There really should be embarassment here - and she chose to blink at the obviously-not-Ginger... more
              • An Interruption - Wujy, Mon Dec 29 13:24
                Hot dog! Izzy thought to herself as she dressed for her first school party. My first invitation to a party for magic folks! She spritzed her wild curls with water and combed through them briefly,... more
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