Caelia Lucan
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Tue Dec 23, 2014 15:57

A non-egg, non-milk cake sounded horrid and Caelia scrunched up her face a little bit. She felt for Ginger who, though seemed to enjoy the rougher things in life like balls and outdoor games if her comment on chaos and the appearance of outdoor activities at the party seemed to be any indicator, had good taste in baked goods. “That sounds like it could be fun,” Caelia said, thinking that even if she didn’t necessarily enjoy participating, she did like to hear the stories that Emrys told her about the trouble he and Wesley got into or, more recently, the trouble Wesley got into and then wrote to Emrys about.

“Thank you,” she said, running her fingers over the cotton fabric of her dress. The dress wasn’t particularly a dressy sort of dress but, like all of her other dresses, was light weight and swished a little when she walked. Perhaps her favorite part about wearing dresses was that they twirled out when she spun around, making her feel like a princess or perhaps better yet, a fairy. Though Caelia knew fairies existed and were real—and some of them weren’t as nice as Muggles liked to believe, she still liked to entertain the fanciful notions of them that her brother, mother, and maternal grandparents did when they invested themselves in the tales of Camelot.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was a book that Caelia recognized as being distinctly Muggle. Her older brother who enjoyed reading anything and everything under the sun; Muggle or Not had read this book to her when she was younger. Of course, Caelia being herself, she hadn’t really paid much attention as she’d been busy doing other things like playing tea party with her dolls and now that she was older she also didn’t really feel like picking up non-Muggle books, much less Muggle books. However, she was doing that thing today where she was showing people that she could have fun and so Caelia bit her tongue and watched as Sylvetta looked around the party, down at her cake and back to them. The other girl was dressed rather oddly, but, Caelia said to herself it was rude to comment on that sort of thing and so she just smiled politely as the Sylvetta kept talking.

It’s too bad Emrys isn’t here, Caelia thought as Sylvetta explained that her first language was Vietnamese and as she wished Caelia a happy birthday as Ginger. He loves other languages and I’m sure he’d find this girl a lot more interesting than I do. “It’s Caelia,” she said instead, careful to pronounce her name. She’d found that often times people didn’t realize that the A in Caelia was silent—at least, the way her family had done it. Personally, Caelia didn’t like the hard “K” sound, finding it to be distasteful and rather boyish. The softer sound of the “C” hitting the “E”, slightly reminiscent of a snake pleased her a lot more, especially as snakes made a lovely slithering pattern in dirt and moved in such a fluid, continuous way. “She’s Ginger.” Caelia gestured softly with her hand towards the other girl in their little circle, wondering how Sylvetta didn’t know that yet. They had been at school for nearly a whole year now. Even Caelia who often had a hard time learning had painstakingly memorized the names of the children in their class by the end of the second week.

“So do you have any particular summer plans that you’re looking forward to?” Caelia asked the other two girls. The end of the year would be approaching in a few weeks—had the year really gone by that quickly? and Caelia herself was excited to go on break. Lessons had never been her favorite and Grandmother Viviane had promised to take her out to a tea shop to celebrate completion of her first year at Sonora.

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            Hot dog! Izzy thought to herself as she dressed for her first school party. My first invitation to a party for magic folks! She spritzed her wild curls with water and combed through them briefly,... more
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