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I'm a talker
Tue Dec 23, 2014 22:28

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Ginger blinked in surprise as Book Girl told Karen to have a Happy Birthday. At first she wondered if maybe they shared a birthday, but then Sylvestra called Karen by Ginger's name, which meant it was definitely a case of mistaken identity. She giggled. They didn't even look alike!

Karen - no Celia - corrected the mistake politely, preventing Ginger from making one of her own.

Celia. Right, okay, definitely not Karen then. Ginger made a mental note to remember that. She was usually pretty good with names once she actually met a person, but when she only knew them through proximity, she was often off by a bit. She wasn't quite sure how she missed Celia so bad though. Usually she got the first couple of sounds right anyway. Oh, well, at least she hadn't actually called the girl Karen or anything. Maybe the other girl just looked like a Karen she'd met once. She'd met a few Karens over the years . . .

That was neither here nor now though. Here and now, she had a Vietnamese girl and Celia. "Wizard of Oz, cool," she said to Sylvestra. "I watched the movie." Honestly, she hadn't even known there was a book. "And wow, you speak English really well for a non-native speaker. I wouldn't have guessed." She herself spoke Spanish pretty well, being exposed to it three months out of every year when they migrated South for the winter, but she wasn't sure she'd be ready to start going to a Mexican magic school or anything. Yoko probably could; she was amazing with languages, but Yoko was a muggle (or so they classified her since she couldn't see Regina's ghost, though she had a few magical ancestors mixed into her family tree) so she wouldn't have had an option to do so anyway. "Is Vietnamese anything like Mandarin? My cousin is half-Chinese and she's learning that, but she says it's really really hard." Well, technically, Yoko said it was 'kind of tricky' but translated out of Yoko-language-genius that meant 'really really hard' in Ginger speak.

Ginger beamed at Celia as the other girl brought up the summer and she jumped right onto the opportunity to share. "I'm acting! Mom said I can act this year! Well, I need to audition first, obviously, but if I get a part, I can act. Last year I wasn't old enough to audition for anything more than a few lines. I mean, I won't get anything amazing like Cosette or anything because I don't have that kind of voice training, but I heard they're doing Peter Pan at one of the local theatres near our Rennfaire, and I might try for a Lost Boy or something. What about you?" she turned the question back to the other girls, not wanting to dominate the conversation too much, though if asked, she could go into a whole list of productions she could audition for once she got home. She just thought Peter Pan was going to be her best bet as that had a lot of kid roles.

OOC: Misspelling of Caelia's name is on purpose since this is how Ginger assumes it is spelt. Apologies from the Author.

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