Sylvetta Vuong
Not much of a talker, but maybe acceptable
Wed Dec 24, 2014 10:53

It took Sylvetta a whole three seconds to conjure up a plan of reaction to the new information - new? There really should be embarassment here - and she chose to blink at the obviously-not-Ginger miss Caelia four times, then smiled. The smile wouldn't appear to be awkward, she assumed, because this was totally not awkward at all. At least to her. "I'm very sorry," she said, calmly, "it might be the dumbest mistake one can make."

Looking at the other girl (obviously-Ginger), Sylvetta felt her eyes squint just slightly behind the glasses. So... Ginger. A rather extrovert character, considering the kind of party this person was holding. The girl looked pretty, well, normal, for lack of word, comparing to what Sylvetta's imagination conjured up when taking a look at the piece of cake. However, she could see the loud kindness and dreams as free as the southern birds in those eyes - definitely the more outgoing of the two, now that she had observed carefully. "So you're Ginger." She said out loud. "My mistake. Happy birthday to you."

Then Sylvetta's gaze moved back to Caelia (what a nice name, she rolled the syllables in her mouth, but yes, often easily mistaken for other less desirable names), to her soft figure and her swift but quiet hand gesture. "And Caelia," Sylvetta greeted. What nice people one could meet just by wandering around and tumbling into a party, she mused, and being sociable was turning out to be a pretty natural behaviour.

Sylvetta realised that, thorough the first year spent at Sonora, she had not made many new friends, and therefore could easily be compared to an old hag. Let's fix that, she decided, marked the page she was reading and closed the book, holding it in one hand. She made a cheesy hand gesture and bowed down a little bit toward the two girls (could they now be considered her friends?) "I'm Sylvetta Vuong. My family name's just a struggle for most, so I'll go by Sylvetta. Making it official," she stood up straight and shrugged. Her accent, just so light, blurred the name a little bit, but she never gave too much thought about people saying her name wrong. People learnt, most of the time.

Ginger and Caelia seemed to take some interest in Sylvetta's book, and of course that pleased her a bit. The movie was really cool, she thought, and she voiced that thought to Ginger. "And thank you for the compliment," she spoke carefully - it took her time to get more casual - "I moved in with my aunt and uncle in the US since I was nine. English is a beautiful language, the swiftness's what get to me most."

Ginger talked about Mandarin and one of her friends learning it. "There's a subtle relation, yes," Sylvetta nodded. She could see the logic. Vietnamese vocabulary had a great number of words borrowed from Chinese, but they were all Vietnam-ized. The rest of the vocabulary consisted of a now-ethnic-minority language, also altered after centuries of history, and word borrowed from French and English. The analyse could go on forever, and honestly it would have gone on if Sylvetta was with a fitting audience; but she reminded herself that this was a party and languages were never a hot topic in parties, so she did a summary. "We use a lot of words originated in Mandarin, but we use a Latin alphabet; but yeah, it's still a tricky language. Beautiful, but not suitable for international use."

Sylvetta's mind ligered around the thought of her maternal language and how badly she didn't want to lose it, and she looked down at the book in her hand. Other than being a piece of art, it was also a reminder. She only stopped entertaining the nostalgia once Caelia had brought up the plan for summer holidays. With great enthusiasm, Ginger shared her plan of acting - Sylvetta smiled at the passion in her voice - and returned the question. Sylvetta'd love to try a hand on the art of acting, although, well, it would be more of a theatrical nature than cinematic. A good study, and a new world to discover, could be a nice choice, she mused. But she had other plans for this summer. "I'm going home," Sylvetta said, "back to my homecountry. My dad's so hyped that he now has a person with first hand experience to question - he's never gotten a proper training as a wizard, you see. He's trying to build a system of magical language more friendly to our people, since Latin's kinda out of reach. He'll work from the Mugle language side, and I from the wizard side. It's a big project though, so we'll probably spend half the time chatting about school and whatnot." And she'd probably try to write as much as possible, too, but if she already did that everyday then it wouldn't be considered part of the plan.

"Next summer I'll stay with my aunt and uncle though," after a moment, she added. The nostalgia wouldn't hit full force until then, she thought, but she should leave that to another wakeful night.

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