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An Interruption
Mon Dec 29, 2014 13:24

Hot dog! Izzy thought to herself as she dressed for her first school party. My first invitation to a party for magic folks!

She spritzed her wild curls with water and combed through them briefly, scrunching them up so that they bounced whenever she turned her head, and then coated the whole thing over with a leave-in conditioner and mousse so that it wouldn't tangle up in case it was windy outside. She put on her nicest plaid button-up—pink with light blue cross-stripes—which she tucked into a pair of faded jeans. She pulled on her favorite red cowgirl boots and pulled her pant legs over the top of them so they were only from the ankles down.

She took one look at herself in the mirror, grinned and waved at her reflection, and took off for the Gardens. She was glad the party would be outside, what with the weather being so nice and all. She hated to be cooped up indoors on days like this.

The party was in full swing when she arrived, and she realized that she must have been late.

"Whoopsie daisy," she said to herself out loud. "Musta got the wrong time. Hoo-wee," she said, spotting a group of three girls chatting with one another. She walked over to introduce herself.

"Ever'one sure is dressed fancy," she said. "An' with me just showin' up in my Levi's, I feel all underdressed."

  • Not much of a talker, but maybe acceptable - Sylvetta Vuong, Wed Dec 24 10:53
    It took Sylvetta a whole three seconds to conjure up a plan of reaction to the new information - new? There really should be embarassment here - and she chose to blink at the obviously-not-Ginger... more
    • An Interruption - Wujy, Mon Dec 29 13:24
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