Seven Grayscale
Only Dragon's Lie
Fri Apr 17, 2015 22:44

"Absolutely not." Seven Grayscale eyed the boy who had just refused to help him around the school. If looks could kill, the boy would be dead faster than you could say "Avada Kedavra". How dare he refuse to help him?

"I can assure to you that I do not bite." Seven said with venom pulsing throughout his voice. Seven saw the boy give a dramatic eye roll before turning his attention back to the Headmaster.

"Why do I have to do it?"

"Because, Mr. Frenp, you are head boy and it is your obligation to do so."

"But he's a Grayscale!" The boy exclaimed as if that explained everything. Seven smirked slightly before stepping closer to the Headmaster.

"That I am. And why are you against my family? I'm sure I've never heard of the...Frenps." Seven said the name in a disgusted manner. He saw the boy get red before sighing.

"Figures. Your family only interacts with other purebloods."

Seven eyed the boy before crossing his arms. "I wouldn't want you to serve me around when it's obvious you do not like me. Even though we have never met. You simply try to put me under Grayscales, which I am, but I still do not see how such is a bad thing." With every word, Seven strode closer to the boy. His blonde ponytail swaying slightly behind him. His gray eyes flickering. "Isn't there someone else?" Seven asked.

    • Eavesdropping - Oliviatheolive, Fri May 8 19:33
      Loriana Donalds clutched her school books to her chest as she hid behind the wall. If a random student or staff member were to walk past her they would be inclined to believe that she was... more
      • OOC - DH Skies, Sun May 10 03:13
        Hi Loriana, This is an 'out of character' message. I'm not sure whether Seven is still around, but if he is, hopefully he will reply and you can get a practise interaction going. It seems like you've ... more
    • OOC - DH Skies, Sun Apr 19 04:36
      Hi Seven, This is an 'out of character' post, meaning I am addressing you author-to-author, instead of as my character. It's great to see you at Sonora, and keen to get going with some posting.... more
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