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DH Skies
Sun Apr 19, 2015 04:36

Hi Seven,

This is an 'out of character' post, meaning I am addressing you author-to-author, instead of as my character.

It's great to see you at Sonora, and keen to get going with some posting. Please revise the posting rules that you will have seen before the application form. Writers are not allowed to write for other characters - only their own.

Many authors who have written fanfic struggle with this at first, as they are used to being able to control a lot of characters, and use dialogue or other people's actions to move the plot forward. I would recommend reading some other posts at the site to get an idea of how writing just for one character works.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

  • Only Dragon's Lie - Seven Grayscale, Fri Apr 17 22:44
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    • Eavesdropping - Oliviatheolive, Fri May 8 19:33
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      • OOC - DH Skies, Sun May 10 03:13
        Hi Loriana, This is an 'out of character' message. I'm not sure whether Seven is still around, but if he is, hopefully he will reply and you can get a practise interaction going. It seems like you've ... more
    • OOC - DH Skies, Sun Apr 19 04:36
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