Fri May 8, 2015 19:33

Loriana Donalds clutched her school books to her chest as she hid behind the wall. If a random student or staff member were to walk past her they would be inclined to believe that she was eavesdropping on the Headmasters conversation. She wasn't....she swears. But after climbing up those monstrous stairs, she was so out of breath that she collapsed against the wall. That was, of course, 5 minutes ago.

She just happened to lean against the wall, which was the perfect spot to overhear neighboring conversations like Frenp and this Grayscale guys argument. Lori found herself so appalled by Frenp's behavior towards Grayscale that she had forgotten her plans to meet up with Gwen and Val in the library to work on their Transfiguration essay.

Frankly, she was appalled by Frenp, a guy, that her best friend liked. In the few interactions she had with Frenp, she had considered him to be a mild-manner boy and hadn't known that he cared that much about blood-status or family names. This was disappointing to hear as her mother was a muggleborn and her father was a muggle. Which equaled out to her being a half-blood?? She didn't understand the math of it.

When she heard the new kid ask the headmaster if there was anyone else, she unfortunately for her or fortunately for him, she found her tired legs walking her out her hidden spot and into their conversation.

It was like she had lost control of her body because when their eyes fell on her, she found herself saying in a clear and concise voice, "I can help him professor."

  • Only Dragon's Lie - Seven Grayscale, Fri Apr 17 22:44
    "Absolutely not." Seven Grayscale eyed the boy who had just refused to help him around the school. If looks could kill, the boy would be dead faster than you could say "Avada Kedavra". How dare he... more
    • Eavesdropping - Oliviatheolive, Fri May 8 19:33
      • OOC - DH Skies, Sun May 10 03:13
        Hi Loriana, This is an 'out of character' message. I'm not sure whether Seven is still around, but if he is, hopefully he will reply and you can get a practise interaction going. It seems like you've ... more
    • OOC - DH Skies, Sun Apr 19 04:36
      Hi Seven, This is an 'out of character' post, meaning I am addressing you author-to-author, instead of as my character. It's great to see you at Sonora, and keen to get going with some posting.... more
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