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Laila Kennedy
Night-time is an odd time to make friends.
Fri May 22, 2015 01:48

Laila Kennedy didn’t think she considered herself to be a rule-breaker. Actually, Laila Kennedy knew she didn’t consider herself to be a rule-breaker. Her whole life she had grown up surrounded by strict parents with even stricter morals and over the past few days she had found herself uneasy with the way things were shifting around her. It was so weird to think that she was a witch. When she had been growing up, witches were just things the neighbor-boys teased her about. To think that such things actually existed and she was one…well it went against everything she had been taught by her religious parents, especially her devout mother.

Laila frowned as she turned down a dark corridor. She was sure the common room had been this way, but then again, it was a possibility that she had remembered wrong. Her head had been in such a tizzy lately that it was possible she had jumbled everything up. Laila sighed with frustration. She didn’t really like the dark, and she didn’t really like breaking the rules, and here she was out after curfew in the dark because she had gotten lost going back to the common room after dinner. What she should have done, Laila now realized, was go back to the common room right after eating and then got someone to go to the library with her, but she had been feeling uncharacteristically shy at this school of new faces and new magic and had decided to go on the adventure by herself.

“And now,” she said to herself as she neared the end of the hallway, “now you are being punished for your pride.” She reached into her back pocket, nervously fingering the wand that resided in it. She still wasn’t sure if practicing the lumos counted as against the rules of no magic out of classrooms if it was dark and she was lost and scared, and she also was pretty sure that actually casting a spell went against all her mother’s religious beliefs that warned against idolatry… But it was dark, she reasoned. Luckily, she was saved from having to make the decision when she nearly ran into another body and the hand that was reaching for her wand suddenly dropped it out of her pocket in frights as she jumped backwards.

Laila let out a scream before realizing it was just another girl, probably someone her age even, and took a deep breath. “Sorry about that,” she said, face pink with embarrassment. “You scared me!” She smiled sheepishly and held out her hand in the polite manner that she had been raised to do. “I’m Laila Kennedy,” she said in a friendly tone of voice. “What’s your name?”

OOC: Hey, Alexandria! This is an 'out of character' message, which means that I’m addressing you as an author rather than you as a character. I’m glad that you’ve shown interest and are excited to post. I look forward to getting to know Alexandria as a character and hope we can continue this interaction so you can get some practice in, and I hope that you’ll consider filling out a student application if you like playing in our sandbox!

Let me know here or on the OOC board if you have any questions! And just a friendly reminder, all posts should be a minimum of 200 words so that other authors have a lot to reply to :)

Nice to meet you!

  • Roaming - Xandy, Mon May 18 10:58
    Peek left. Peek right. Anyone around? No. Okay. Alexandria grinned and continued down the darkened corridor. Sneaking around the school after curfew was fun... as long as she didn't get caught. But... more
    • Night-time is an odd time to make friends. - Laila Kennedy, Fri May 22 01:48
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