Ben Pierce
New, too, but not as new as you
Tue Oct 13, 2015 13:07

OOC: As a general rule, we discourage the use of real names or other identifying information on the internet and particularly on our site as a safety precaution, which is why your post has been altered. Everyone just goes by character names here. We are pretty sure none of the authors here are axe murderers or anything but you can never be totally sure . . . :) Anyway, it sounds like, from your post, that you are practicing with a mid-year transfer student, so I'm assuming we are a few months into term so Ben knows his way around. BIC:

Ben was late. Not so super late that the halls were empty already, but late enough that there was no chance he was making it to the Charms classroom before Professor Olivers closed the door, and the crowded hallways only frustrated his attempts to hurry. At least it wasn't DADA. Professor Pye kind of scared him a little bit.

Still, Olivers was strict in her own way and he'd rather not get in trouble for tardiness . . . again . . . so he took advantage of only being eleven in a school full of teenagers. His smaller size allowed him to duck and weave through the crowds and navigate the narrow bubbles of personal space people naturally left between themselves and others whenever possible. This allowed him to move a little quicker than the average flow down the halls.

Unfortunately, he misjudged one such opening, and the girl he cut off was reading a book or something (an Aladren, no doubt) and failed to compensate for the boy now in her way. Slightly off-balance from his sideways momentum, Ben took the worst of the collision and hit the ground hard with both his hands and knees. He was an agile kid, so he avoided a full out faceplant, which was good because that would have probably gotten him trampled. Instead, he clambered back up to his feet with his ego bruised more than anything else.

At her apology, he just shook his head, brushed the dirt off his palms, and straightened his Red Sox ball cap. "My fault," he assured her, not wanting her to feel bad for knocking him down. Falling into step beside her at the normal rate of movement down the hall, he accepted he was just going to be late again. "I was trying to hurry and got in your way." He didn't recognize her as one of his classmates, but - weirdly - she didn't have a House badge on her robes either. "I hope you're not going to Charms, too, are you? Because if you are, we're gonna be late."

  • New Student - Misty Sunriser, Sun Oct 11 03:24
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    • New, too, but not as new as you - Ben Pierce, Tue Oct 13 13:07
      • Charms lesson - Misty Sunriser, Tue Oct 13 15:32
        "Oh, no!" Misty thought. "I can't be late on my first day!" She glanced at the boy briefly and had to take a second look when she noticed his Red Sox cap. She smiled shyly, thinking that maybe... more
        • Charming - Ben Pierce, Wed Oct 14 21:44
          A map? Ben gave her a slightly confused glance. It was far enough into term that he thought everyone had figured out their way around by now. And she was going to Charms. "Are you new?" he asked,... more
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            OOC: I'm pretty good about a quick reply, though my husband and I are in the process of moving apologies if I don't respond for a while. At that point we may have cancelled our... more
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              OOC: Good luck with the move! Have you tried going to the Chatzy yet? You can chat with some of the other authors there (if anyone is around) and brainstorm ideas for your application if you're still ... more
              • Re: A new post title - Anonymous, Sat Oct 17 01:09
                Misty nodded, trying to keep up with Hippo as he explained the school crest. She briefly wondered which House she would be Sorted into, though it wasn't at the forefront of her mind at the moment.... more
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