Ben Pierce
Wed Oct 14, 2015 21:44

A map? Ben gave her a slightly confused glance. It was far enough into term that he thought everyone had figured out their way around by now. And she was going to Charms. "Are you new?" he asked, having had enough clues that he felt it was safe to ask. The crowd was starting to thin as people found their classrooms and he picked up the pace a little, leading the way since his companion apparently didn't know how to get there.

"Professor Olivers likes punctuality," he admitted, which probably wasn't what the girl wanted to hear right now, "but she probably won't do much more than give us a frown-y face for coming in after she starts." Ben might not be that lucky, given that it wasn't his first offense, but the girl ought to be safe from detention or house point loss, especially if she was new. "You won't get in trouble or anything."

"I'm Ben, by the way," he added, "Or Hippo. Whichever. I answer to both." As an afterthought, since a lot of people seemed curious about his nickname, he continued, "My middle name is Hippocrates. That's where Hippo comes from."

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    "Oh, no!" Misty thought. "I can't be late on my first day!" She glanced at the boy briefly and had to take a second look when she noticed his Red Sox cap. She smiled shyly, thinking that maybe... more
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        OOC: I'm pretty good about a quick reply, though my husband and I are in the process of moving apologies if I don't respond for a while. At that point we may have cancelled our... more
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          OOC: Good luck with the move! Have you tried going to the Chatzy yet? You can chat with some of the other authors there (if anyone is around) and brainstorm ideas for your application if you're still ... more
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            Misty nodded, trying to keep up with Hippo as he explained the school crest. She briefly wondered which House she would be Sorted into, though it wasn't at the forefront of her mind at the moment.... more
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