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Thu Oct 15, 2015 16:49

OOC: Good luck with the move! Have you tried going to the Chatzy yet? You can chat with some of the other authors there (if anyone is around) and brainstorm ideas for your application if you're still coming up with a new character to apply with.

"Yeah, it's pretty big," Ben agreed. "Not too many transfers though, that I've seen, but I'm just a first year so I've only been here a couple months myself. My uncle came here though, so I could ask him if you'd like? Takes a while for the owls to get back and forth from Boston, though."

He glanced up at the House Crest banner as she referenced it. He wasn't quite sure which one she was mistaking for a beaver, so he ran through them all, clockwise. "The Hawk is for Aladren, Teppenpaws have a prairie dog, Crotalus has a rattlesnake, and Pecari is represented by the boar. They're all animals found in the desert around here, I think," he added by way of rationale for why those particular animals had been chosen, though he had no idea why each House had gotten the one it did.

Tapping his own House badge [OOC: I'd specify which one if I knew, but Ben's starting next term and hasn't been sorted yet] with a finger, he nodded to the empty spot on her school robe where hers was missing. "Are they sorting you tonight at dinner, then? Everyone else got sorted at the Welcoming Feast when we first got here." They'd had the orientation to meet each other prior to being sorted, so maybe that was why she hadn't been already, so she didn't get immediately lumped into the stereotype of where ever she ended up.

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        Misty nodded, trying to keep up with Hippo as he explained the school crest. She briefly wondered which House she would be Sorted into, though it wasn't at the forefront of her mind at the moment.... more
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