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Misty nodded, trying to keep up with Hippo as he explained the school crest. She briefly wondered which House she would be Sorted into, though it wasn't at the forefront of her mind at the moment.
"Are they sorting you tonight at dinner, then? Everyone else got sorted at the Welcoming Feast when we first got here," said Hippo, leading her further onward towards Charms.
"I don't know, really. I wasn't told anything about it...but I wouldn't mind being Sorted because then I'd have a House and a bed," she joked awkwardly. Misty had never been good at these first impression situations. As a rule she tried not to say too much on the first meeting so she wouldn't come off as weird. Hippo didn't seem to mind, though. On the contrary, he seemed to be interested in talking to her more.
"I guess we'll find out at dinner."

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