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Parker Fitzgerald
A Confusing Man From Arizona
Wed Aug 9, 2017 15:19

Parker came running through the back door, kicking off his shoes along the way to make sure he didn't track dirt into the kitchen. He raced around the corner and into his room. His speed was brought on by his excitement. Today he was going with his mother on her nursing run to Washoe Tribal Health Center, something he'd looked forward to for the last few years.
He had recently read a bit on a type of tree William had talked to him about the last time he was there. He had even gone out this morning to try to find how high up the mountain the tree stopped growing. He brought back some leaves from the highest tree he could find.
As he finished changing his shirt to a clean one he heard the back door slam shut. A few seconds later he heard a scream, then a pause:
"Parker!" he heard his mom yell from the kitchen, "Parker Fitzgerald where are you!"
"Just getting changed ma, be there in a second."
Parker heard his brother laugh from the room next to his, "Looks like I didn't even have to try to get you in trouble today!"
Parker made a face at the wall before tearing around the corner to find his mother standing the kitchen with her hands crossed in front of her. She had a confused look on her face with a letter in one hand and her cellphone in the other. Even though she had been yelling for Parker, her stare was intently on a gentleman he'd never seen before standing in the kitchen.
Parker tucked the leaves from the tree he had gathered into his pockets and slowly walked towards his mother.
"Parker, apparently this man is here to see you...," waving a piece of paper in his direction, his mothers voice wavered with a hint of a question Parker couldn't make out.
Parker looked from his mother to the man. He didn't recognize him, but maybe this was some man who was upset for Parker running through his backyard. The man looked like he was dressed for a trip of some kind though, so Parker simply looked at him with his eyebrows raised shaking his head no.
The man smiled at Parker and then turned back towards his mother. It looked like he was about to say something but just then Parker's father burst in through the front door.
"What the hell is going on here Susanne, you mentioned a random man standing in our kitchen?"
John Fitzgerald froze upon entering the kitchen. His eyes on the man standing five feet away from his wife and middle child, standing calmly with his hands in front of him.
"I have a conceal and carry licence, so leave now and you can leave with your life."
The man turned to look at John Fitzgerald and took a deep breath in. Parker noticed that it looked like the man said something close to a prayer before opening his eyes and addressing his parents.

    • Hoping to alleviate the confusion - Sullivan Quincy, Muggleborn liason, Wed Aug 9 20:14
      Oh, Merlin, not again, Sullivan Quincy winced as his current case's family began to overreact. The screaming wasn't too bad. She'd seen his apparation as he arrived, which was no doubt disconcerting, ... more
      • Magic Magic? - Parker Fitzgerald, Thu Aug 10 10:08
        Parker Fitzgerald felt a thrill go through him. The man said magic. As in magic magic? Like the kind William Smokey did down on the reservation? Or the kind in the Native American tales he kept... more
        • Yes, magic-magic - Sullivan Quincy, Thu Aug 10 11:14
          So far no gunshots; things were going well. Sullivan took just a moment to wonder how he'd gotten into a career where that was one of the measures of a good day. They weren't all like that though,... more
          • No more hiding the truth... - Parker Fitzgerald, Thu Aug 10 16:50
            Parker's heart lept a bit. So turning off the lights wasn't something other people could do? he thought. He took a breath though because maybe this Sullivan was right. Maybe there was a voice or... more
            • Erm, too much truth for my comfort - Sullivan Quincy, Thu Aug 10 20:45
              Good news, the dad seemed to have forgotten he wanted to shoot Sullivan. Bad news, dirty laundry was getting aired and Sullivan wasn't sure he should be here right now as they talked this over, but... more
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