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Sullivan Quincy, Muggleborn liason
Hoping to alleviate the confusion
Wed Aug 9, 2017 20:14

Oh, Merlin, not again, Sullivan Quincy winced as his current case's family began to overreact. The screaming wasn't too bad. She'd seen his apparation as he arrived, which was no doubt disconcerting, especially since he'd gotten the coordinates wrong and seemed to have appeared in the kitchen rather than on the driveway outside like he'd meant to. Totally fair to scream a little.

Sullivan had made calming gestures, apologizing hurriedly, "Sorry, sorry, I'm really sorry, my directions were off, sorry. This is Parker Fitzgerald's house, though?"

He presumed it was since the woman - Mrs. Fitzgerald at a guess - yelled for the boy. While they waited for Parker to join them, Sullivan gave the woman the acceptance letter to Sonora. "Your son has been accepted to attend an exclusive boarding school called Sonora Academy, er," he cleared his throat. This was where things could get dicey. "Of Magic. Parker has the talent. I've come to answer any questions Parker or you may have about the school and the larger wizarding world."

Parker himself seemed to handle Sullivan's presence well enough, but a man who was presumably Mr. Fitzgerald arrived before any explanations could be made, and that was where things really started to go down the tubes.

Sullivan took a deep breath in and let it out slowly, trying to stay calm and not panic. He briefly closed his eyes to pray that this went better than it had with that Ives family. Though they had merely threatened to have him arrested, not shot. So a better outcome would definitely be good. Careful not make an sudden moves, he opened his eyes again and patted the air in front of him. "My name," he began, keeping his voice calm and slow, too, "is Sullivan Quincy. I'm a muggleborn - that's somebody born with magic to people who don't, like Parker, or me for that matter. As I was saying, I'm a muggleborn liason officer. Parker was born with the ability to do magic, and I'm here to help him learn how to get the training he needs for his abilities, so he doesn't endanger himself or others. Have you ever noticed strange or unexplainable things happening around him?"

  • A Confusing Man From Arizona - Parker Fitzgerald, Wed Aug 9 15:19
    Parker came running through the back door, kicking off his shoes along the way to make sure he didn't track dirt into the kitchen. He raced around the corner and into his room. His speed was brought... more
    • Hoping to alleviate the confusion - Sullivan Quincy, Muggleborn liason, Wed Aug 9 20:14
      • Magic Magic? - Parker Fitzgerald, Thu Aug 10 10:08
        Parker Fitzgerald felt a thrill go through him. The man said magic. As in magic magic? Like the kind William Smokey did down on the reservation? Or the kind in the Native American tales he kept... more
        • Yes, magic-magic - Sullivan Quincy, Thu Aug 10 11:14
          So far no gunshots; things were going well. Sullivan took just a moment to wonder how he'd gotten into a career where that was one of the measures of a good day. They weren't all like that though,... more
          • No more hiding the truth... - Parker Fitzgerald, Thu Aug 10 16:50
            Parker's heart lept a bit. So turning off the lights wasn't something other people could do? he thought. He took a breath though because maybe this Sullivan was right. Maybe there was a voice or... more
            • Erm, too much truth for my comfort - Sullivan Quincy, Thu Aug 10 20:45
              Good news, the dad seemed to have forgotten he wanted to shoot Sullivan. Bad news, dirty laundry was getting aired and Sullivan wasn't sure he should be here right now as they talked this over, but... more
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