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Parker Fitzgerald
Magic Magic?
Thu Aug 10, 2017 10:08

Parker Fitzgerald felt a thrill go through him. The man said magic. As in magic magic?
Like the kind William Smokey did down on the reservation? Or the kind in the Native American tales he kept reading, with wolves and owls turning into people and then back again after doing things?
Parker suddenly had a million questions. But his little sister, probably out of her room because of the commotion, spoke first.
"He can always make the butterflies come to him, and he never gets stung by bees."
Parker's parents turned around to face Lyssa. Parker's mom laughed a bit, "Sunshine, I don't think those are magical. I think he simply is careful and you just don't notice when he can't get butterflies to come."
Lyssa looked at her mom and then her dad with a furrowed brow looking like she was going start crying.
Parker saw that they both were looking at her like a little child who didn't understand. He wanted to reach out and hug her and tell her it was going to be ok, and imagined a big warm light coming from him and enveloping her like he used to do when she was a baby and crying without stop in the hopes that he could help her.
Lyssa's face relaxed a little and instead of looking at her parents turned towards the man called Sullivan Quincy.
"What about making the lights go out without touching them?"
Parker laughed at that. He recently found he could do that and used it when he was tired, but he thought everyone could do that, so didn't think it was all that special.

  • Hoping to alleviate the confusion - Sullivan Quincy, Muggleborn liason, Wed Aug 9 20:14
    Oh, Merlin, not again, Sullivan Quincy winced as his current case's family began to overreact. The screaming wasn't too bad. She'd seen his apparation as he arrived, which was no doubt disconcerting, ... more
    • Magic Magic? - Parker Fitzgerald, Thu Aug 10 10:08
      • Yes, magic-magic - Sullivan Quincy, Thu Aug 10 11:14
        So far no gunshots; things were going well. Sullivan took just a moment to wonder how he'd gotten into a career where that was one of the measures of a good day. They weren't all like that though,... more
        • No more hiding the truth... - Parker Fitzgerald, Thu Aug 10 16:50
          Parker's heart lept a bit. So turning off the lights wasn't something other people could do? he thought. He took a breath though because maybe this Sullivan was right. Maybe there was a voice or... more
          • Erm, too much truth for my comfort - Sullivan Quincy, Thu Aug 10 20:45
            Good news, the dad seemed to have forgotten he wanted to shoot Sullivan. Bad news, dirty laundry was getting aired and Sullivan wasn't sure he should be here right now as they talked this over, but... more
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